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Overclock Kaby Lake (7700k) on Asus Maximus VIII Hero Problems

Level 7
First time poster here, so hello

I recently picked up a 7700k from a friend of mine, flashed the bios to the latest release, threw in (very gently) the 7700k. OS booted perfectly and recognised the cpu, idle temps ~30c and on load didn’t go past 70. Great, time to overclock.

This is where I ran into problems, I set the ratio at e.g 47 on all cores. The rest left on auto. Boots fine but in hwmonitor the freq won’t go past 4400 and single core of 4500. CPU-z shows 44x (8-47). Things I’ve tried:

- Older 3401 bios
- Older 3201 bios
- Gamers OC Profile preset
- performance and balanced plans
- cleared cmos and reconfigured
- uninstalled AI Suite 3 and AI Cleaned
- used configurations other users have used with a 7700k and z170
- clear cmos and only change ratio
- disabled all power saving in UEFI
- Completely reinstalled Windows on a new drive.

I’m running out of ideas, others have had success with Kaby Lake.

I was running a 6600k at 4.4 before upgrading.

I7 7700k
Asus Maximus VIII hero
2x8gb 2400 ram
1tb 960 Evo
Aorus 1080ti Extreme WB
ek x360 custom loop
650w 80 gold PSU
Windows 10 Pro

Any help is greatly appreciated

Level 7
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Level 7
Done, still not going past 4.5 :(*

Could it have something to do with ram, I have them installed in slots 1 and 3 instead of 2 and 4?*

No, slots 1 and 3 are fine to use.

Try this:

Go in the bios, Advanced tab, CPU Configuration, CPU-Power Management Control and set:

Intel Speedstep - Disabled
Turbo Mode - Enabled
CPU C-states - Disabled
CFG Lock - Disabled
Intel Speedshift Technology - Disabled
Windows power plan - High Performance

If you by chance have Real Temp installed open it, click settings and make sure Disable Turbo is unchecked.

Level 7
Swapped the slots to 2 and 4, still the same problem. What else can I try?*

Level 7
Apologies, didn’t see that post, I’ll give it a go when I get home, thanks for all of your help btw

No problem and you're welcome,

I sure hope this does something because I'm about out of ideas, this last thing is really the only thing we haven't checked or tried, those settings are how I have my 7700k and it runs constant at 5.2GHz.

Do you know if you have Real Temp installed and does Samsung Magician all look good ?

Level 7
Tried those settings, still no luck. No Real Temp and Samsung Magician looks good, not sure what it does though.

Level 7
Also with those settings, it will not even boost above 4.4 now. Not even touching 4.5 on a single core.

OK let's try something.

Set The BCLK to 200

cpu core ratio - 23 = 4.6GHz
cpu cache ratio - 21= 4.2GHz
Dram Frequency - 2400MHz

Tweakers Paradise
FCLK - 800MHz

F10 and Enter to save and exit.

See if this gets it to 4.6GHz.