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Overclock assistance please sabertooth x79 and intel i7 3930

Level 7
Hi guys and girls, one of the best forums and community I have come across. Fantastic amount of info on here.
I am not a professional at over locking like many on here. Honestly....after reading for the past few weeks all these forums, I still do not have a fluent understanding of what exactly to do. I know there are so many guides on here but I feel I don't understand the functions/terms to well at all.
Yes I am a noob and not assumed to say that.

My baby rig: ( my good friend helped my put it together)

Thermalyake gt10 case
Corsair h100 water cooling
Intel i7 3930 3.2g
Sabertooth x79 motherboard. Latest bios installed 4608. Amazing board with amazing features. Really want to tune it efficiently. If only I knew a third of what some of you on here know.
Ripjaws 2133 ram 32gb (I bought them together at the same time. 4 x8b stick, does that mean its a kit, as mentioned in forums. Everyone's says its good to buy as a kit. Sorry my knowledge and experience levels of understanding is very low in terms of overclocking)
Gtx 680oc 2gb by gigabyte video card
Patriot 240ssd
2 x wd 3tb hdd's (spinners) set as raid
Win 7 ultimate

Please I am not after a totally maxed out overclock. I use the system for graphic design work, using adobe suite and coreldraw.
I LOVE GAMES. LOL and play in my spare time as much as possible.

I would like...I guess. The worlds safest overclock ( if such a thing) I just want to bump up the CPU to 4 or 4.2g from 3.2 that its currently at.
I would like something that would be as stable as if it was all standard. It is my 24/7 computer and my bread and butter. I don't want corrupted data or BSOD. Just a very very stable and crisp system.
Is it possible to do this please.

I just basically wanted to tune it for a smoother and crisper performance.

I know there are guides on here....I have probably read them but didn't understand them very well.

JJ shows how to use the auto tunning feature in the AI suite very well. Would that be the safest way to do it.

I am going off some of the pro moderators on here when they say its much better to do it in the bios vs the operating system.

Can anyone please offer me some assistance.

Please forgive me for my lack of understanding.

Thank you.

Level 11
hi JustDOit, and welcome 🙂
it's fine not understanding as it takes a
while to learn..
to start off with the terminology is important
remember google, as I can almost
guaranty someone has already asked the question....
you can try bumping up the fsb to 125, vcore on cpu
1.3 to 1.4 adjust core multiplier to give you approx
4.0 to 4.2, and check for stability, always go up slowly
as crashing isnt allways fun 😛
for example i know my cpu at 1.4 vcore i can do 4.5 easy
but thats it no higher it needs to much vcore... (4930k)

good luck.....

Thank you graphic for your welcoming and reply. Very much appreciated. Yes google has been my best friend 🙂 but it's what to do we're that really confuses me. I am trying to understand the terminalolgy, but not be a pro and never done's what to adjust for what and when.
I will read the two threads you have given me for sure.
I am happy to learn like a snail believe me. I saved up a little to buy my unit and yes crashing is the worst thing ever. I have been using it for approx 7 months and it has been a dream. Smooth and has never crashed on me yet. But then again I have never pushed it so far either.
Even then your experience and throughing some numbers at me shows how well you understand it all.
I have read many people wanting to do a similar thing as me, but even at only a 4.0 speed they have had issues and unstability.
What opened by eyes was JJ vid on the ai suite auto tunning....he made me laugh when he said in the nicest way, just push the fast button the rest is done.....I started laughing as it was aimed at noobs like me. Hhaha. All you have to do is press. FAST. lol. That's when I started reading and come to the conclusion the the bios is the best's also the eaist way to stuff everything up as well.
Is the ai suite a effective tool for a person such as myself.
I am not the kind of guy that going to cry for having 4.0 vs a 4.5 or 4.7 over clock. Stability, realibality, and accuracy are my number one.
Yes I could of bought the higher version CPU, ur my funds didn't allow me. I was so surprised to know about the overclocking thus why I am here.
I don't really to to oc the ram, as 2133 from reading on here is nice and fast, it's more the CPU...would using the ai also adjust the ram, thus why it is recomended to bios adjust so you don't have to adjust things you don't need to?
I am sorry if I am asking things already asked...if I am a pain in the reverse, please guide me to the noobs section and I can continue to learn there. I understand you guys on here for more adavanced issues vs already done and dusted questions.
Ps I assume when people and yourself mention post that is the computer booting up into windows yes?
Thank you kindly.

Level 11
don't feel like your a pain, I feel the same way many times.....
from my understanding over-clocking in the bios environment
is the best way as minimal values can be set, after using one
of asus's pre set's I noticed very high values are used and may
lead to cpu degradation, like I said I am at 1.4 vcore voltage
cpu multiplier 36, FSB 125, you can try that and see if it boot????
or leave FSB at 100 and set multiplier to 40 or 42 and see if that boots
I usually just use pc as usual, and stability will show over a period of
time.. ie, in the past I would stress test cpu and it would pass but
would crash say over 12 hr use or something like that
The POST process runs at the beginning of the boot sequence before the operating system loads. If the POST process finishes without encountering any
errors, your computer will boot up normally

a small edit sorry....
temps are very important and allot of over-clocker's spend allot of money on water cooling for example
I use AIDA64, to monitor temps and voltage's in windows environment

Thank you kindly graphic. I have also read that regarding the ai suite. But I said to myself why would asus being leaders in the overclock areana do that. I would of thought it would the most safe auto tuning available. But you have confirmed what others have said. Again which lead me to try bios o/clock.
I am concerned about degrading the CPU. So any kind of o/clock safe or extreme will faster degrade CPU and components?
So by adjusting the 3 values you mention is the starting point? And keeping auto on the rest of the options is best? I will try what you have mentioned and see how I go. It is a kinda scary proccess when you don't have o/clock know how. Yes temps are mentioned allot. And I see is very crucial when doing high end o/clocking, thus why I only want a small boost with the ultimate stability and reliability. Really it's not just go in the bios and say I want 4.0 click. Lol