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Overclock 10900KF on Asus Tuf Z490

Level 7
New to overclocking, and am curious about my current test. I paid for, and used the Intel performance Maximizer, it said I achieved an all core pass @ 5.2, but docked me 100mhz, and set it to 5.1. I eventually ended up removing it to set things up in the bios, instead of using the Intel software. In my bios, I set to XMP1 @3600mhz, MCE enabled to remove all limits, all cores set to 51, core voltage to manual @ 1.325, LLC @ 4, recommended for this board, and left everything else on auto, including AVX Offset. I made it through booting, passed the stress test on XTU, and am here typing this message, where to go from here?