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OOB Performance Improvements (Software)

Level 9
Have you even asked yourself, "Why does it take so long for my computer to start up? It seems like forever even when it gets to Windows?" Well hopefully I'll be able to help, with some quick tips, and foreknowledge, you'll get to the games quicker!

This is a Basic Guide for improving the performance of your Laptop/Computer OOB (Out of the Box).
Keep in mind, these are the most basic of steps to ensure your OS operates smoothly, and isn't being held back by computer startup programs, and constant necessities like Anti-Viruses.

Article 1: The Microsoft Config Executable

  • The Learning Way:
    This way, I'll walk you through getting to MSCONFIG.EXE through the "RUN" Command which most people haven't used, or enabled.

    STEP 1: The Taskbar:

    The first thing we'll do is hit up the task bar, right click, and head to properties.


    Next we'll Customize the Start Menu, making way for the "RUN" Command.


    Now we'll scroll down, and check the "RUN" Command Box, Apply, and Close out of the Dialog Boxes.


    Now that the "RUN" Command is Enabled in the Start Menu, head there and click it.


    Once the "RUN" Command Dialog has popped up, enter "msconfig" into the box, and hit ok.


    Now that the MSCONFIG.EXE has launched, move over to startup, don't worry about anything else.


    This is where your computer pulls from when software initiates as the OS finalizes its' bootup process. One additional area can be found in the "Start Menu/All Programs/Start Up" folder, which very few apps still use. Below is an expanded view of what the list looks like on my computer.

    NOTE: This list is taken into account you have all of the ASUS "Bloatware", and drivers installed per ASUS Build/Recovery. Additionally, I have left some other programs in the list to better help you judge, and gain an understanding for what Non-Hardware Apps, and Propitiatory Software looks like. You can also expand the "Command" Segment of the MSCONFIG.EXE Dialog WIndow under Startup to assist in locating the App, to ensure it's not a required startup process.


    Above you can see a template of how your G75 should look (Minimal Checked Boxes), notice I've turned other initiations off like Steam, iTunes, and Adobe.

  • The Quick Way:
    The quick way, is quick. Click the Start Button in the lower left, slide your mouse up to the "Search Programs and Files" Dialog Box and click, now type "msconfig.exe" and look to the top. The Quick way is quick. 😉


Article 2: The Streamlining (Applications):

  • The Anti-Virus Solution:
    A lot of Companies have caught on in recent years, and users becoming aware of the amount of RAM the Anti-Virus programs use. So the "A Typical" response; "I don't use it because it's a resource hog" has pretty much lost its' validity. Though there are applications that do above and beyond, forcing them into a group all their own. These applications aren't "Needed", as most of the areas we venture into are more than covered by Windows Firewall, and a Simple Anti-Virus. (Surfing/Torrents/Gaming)

    Below is a small list of Streamlined Anti-Virus Software, and the reason to choose it.

    AVG Anti-Virus:

    Mostly known in the beginning, for offering for free what other companies would charge for, AVG built a name for its self as the years went by, by offering a free solution, with minimal impact on the system. The application has support for both 32bit and 64bit systems, and operates under low resources so as to not impact normal operations.

    PRO's: Lightweight, Free, Support, Constant Free Subscription (No Renewal)

    CON's: Not gamer friendly (Doesn't have a quiet mode), No "Sand-Box" (Replication Environment)

    avast! Anti-Virus:

    Avast! is a newer Anti-Virus becoming well known the past few years, mainly due to their gamer friendly market, and introduction of the "Sand Box" into the Anti-Virus realm. A Sand Box is a emulated replication of windows in a virtual environment to test files and processes to judge application intent. Instead of the program truncating or vaulting away an app, it tests it under a controlled environment. No more "Mistaken" viruses. Low resource commitment, and easy to use.

    PRO's: Lightweight, Free, Support, Sand-Box, Quiet Mode (Gamer)

    CON's: Free, but has a "Subscription" that must be renewed every year.

  • The Web-Browser:
    Anyone can tell you IE (Internet Explorer) is garbage, so save your time, and get a browser that works. Below are the only two options that support most scripting languages, and certificates.

    Mozilla Firefox: An open-source community driven web-browser, lightweight, and user friendly.

    Google Chrome: An real light web browser with app support (Through Google), though tends to use more resources.

  • The Applications:
    Below are some other applications, that are free, and make life a little simpler, whether if be through, cleaning the registry, or maybe blocking unwanted pings into your computer, these lightweight apps help.

    CCleaner: A Computer Cleaner, and Registry remedy program.

    PeerBlock: is a lightweight program that blocks pings and allows you to see who, and where they are ping'ing from.

• ASUS G75VW (120SSD/16GB Ram/2TB Slave/Upgraded Intel WiFi/Bluetooth Card) •

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Level 9
AVG now has a gaming mode that disable all the unneeded apps, so you might want to update your post, also they have a paid version which includes Firewall/Anti-Virus/Spam-pop up blocker and other features that aren't in the free version and it don't cost more than $60 which is way better than Nortons which costs over $100 for one license.

Bundy_Drop_Bear wrote:
which is way better than Nortons which costs over $100 for one license.

Ummm ... 22 bucks for a 3 PC license for Norton Internet Security 2012 ... amazon ... which can be upgraded free to NIS 2013 when it ships.

john_from_ohio wrote:
Ummm ... 22 bucks for a 3 PC license for Norton Internet Security 2012 ... amazon ... which can be upgraded free to NIS 2013 when it ships.

Yeah...that 100 bucks is most likely the price we Aussies have to'd be surprised how badly we get ripped off over here mate -.-

Cudo's to you OP for making this thread, but why waste time making a shortcut for the run item when the same option is available from the search bar in the start bar? just search what you want and click to execute.