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** Official ASUS Poll & Discussion - LAN Controllers **

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Hello ROG'ers!

I have another poll and discussion that I'd like to get your feedback on to help us make some decisions related to motherboard network controllers (NICs). As always, we come to the forums first to try to get the widest reach of customer input and feedback.

I'm sure many of you have noticed that the integration of Intel NICs on our motherboards has become more and more prevalent of late on our motherboards (mainly Intel chipset motherboards) and there are many reasons for this which I will explain in this post. However, the point of this thread is to get your feedback on this and see if this is something that is important enough if your eyes for us to continue doing.

We included Intel Gigabit LAN on many of our Z68 boards, Z77 boards, and on all of our X79 boards. One reason this decision was made is the robustness of the driverset and the various options included in the Intel LAN chipset allowing power users as well as the average user to customize his/her online experience. Some of these options are Advanced Networking Services Teaming, VLANs, fine-grained control of link speed and duplex, Identify Adapter option, different packet options for specifying preferred frame size of certain data transfer scenarios, offloading of certain tasks to the NIC hardware because the NIC hardware can process certain things faster than the OS can and thus free up CPU cycles, etc.

Another reason we often use Intel LAN controllers is because of its higher degree of interoperability and compatibility with different types of software and operating system environments.

The third advantage that the Intel controller offers is its high level of performance. With all of the new software titles and applications coming out everyday that involve sending more and more data over a network, we feel the performance factor advantage to be a very important one to the majority of computer users out there. In our testing, as well as Intel's, we've noticed a higher level of performance with Intel LAN controllers, especially with larger packet sizes.

Of course the reason why we started this thread is to get your feedback on these items and find out whether you're experiencing these same advantages with Intel LAN controllers as well as how much of an impact the choice of NIC vendor makes when you consider purchasing a motherboard. For the poll, the information we would like to get is whether or not the manufacturer's choice of LAN controller makes a difference to you, if more often than not, you purchase an add-on LAN card, or if you do use the on-board LAN and do think the choice of vendor makes a difference, then which vendor you prefer. Along with your selection of LAN controller preference, please also post why you chose what you chose and your experiences good and/or bad regarding LAN controllers.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback which will help us to put out products catered more to your needs and wants.

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I picked Intel, and thats because since my old P5Q pro board, swapping to the Gene Z/Gen 3 i instantly saw a difference in every internet operations. I also prefer to know my internet (network controller) is being provided by one of the best chip designers on the market they know what they are doing and have for years. I get iffy if i find a board with a bad network controller and i actually walk away from it because the internet for me is the in the top 3 things of what i NEED and WANT out of my PC, I definatly have seen the difference in the internet and the way it is all managed,

Intel all the way for me, every new option and its longevity is what i find perfect & its reliable and no hassle drivers.
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I wouldn't purchase an add-on LAN card unless the on-board wasn't adequate for a special application, like a server. In general, I would't want to give up a card slot for a LAN card and think the interface could be designed better/faster if it were integral (on-board).

Overall performance and compatibility would be my goals, rather than any particular NIC vendor. Intel is a trusted brand, but if Gigabit LAN were higher performance (more durable, etc.) for the typical application of the mainboard, I'd want the NIC vendor's components that offered the best network communication performance.
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I generally have my network equipment for longer than any given motherboard so I want a new motherboard to have optimal compatibility with all of my existing equipment. My personal experience has been that Intel has been the most hassle free in this respect.
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I don't know much about the different settings on NIC controllers, but prior to this R4E board I had been using bigfoot killer cards, regardless of all the reviews either praising or slamming the killer cards, I can't back up any facts, I just got a smooth online game experience with them, I owned the original Killer and have the 2100 that I used from my R3E sitting in my closet simply because of the way the lanes are on the R4E to the R3E, I could have 2 video cards in x16, a sound card and NIC card on the R3E, on the R4E, I had to leave the NIC card out to keep 2 video cards at X16 and the audio card. The Intel onboard NIC works very well as far as I can tell as good as the killer and would not like to go to something of less quality or performance. At least on the ROG board I would prefer the best of the best. My 2 cents but what do I know

Level 18
I prefer intel onboard. They are the best on the market at this point.
For me that is what should always be found on any ROG product ..
the best available .. today.

Level 15
I used to use only Realtek NIC's (add in cards) for my networking needs, until I set up a wireless network then suddenly the G Class Realtek card started to act really bad(updated drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled, swapped the card in PCI Lanes) and it just was unable to do what I needed it to do. So I bought a Netgear USB Wireless Adapter....what a big mistake that was. ANYWAYS!!! before I get in trouble for steering the thread off course, i'll say that with what I have been reading (in the RoG Forums and elsewhere) Intel seem to be making the best NIC's and onboard adapter' i'd say you guys should stick with them 🙂

P.S RoG/ASUS should make Wireless Router/Modems...that way I can still stay wirelessly networked and not have to buy 2 seperate units plus an add-on card/USB Adapter :hint hint: Starting from the next planned model from the I can buy the EA-N66 Adapter :cool: 😛