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Level 7
Hey all,

built my first PC at the beginning of the year and fell straight into the deep dark hole of overclocking (CPU + RAM + GPU) with no hope of escape.
I'm trying to "optimise" my RAM overclock to bump up the frequency a notch (4100 MHz -> 4133MHz) wihtout needing to increase the voltages (Vccio/Vccsa and Vram).

Even though I promised myself that for the sake of my sanity I wouldn't let my OCD take over (how naive of me...) and only tinker with the frequency and primary timings, here I am messing around with powers I cannot fathom, namely ODT skew and slopes (after having set all secondary and tertiary timings).

I am using an Intel 10850K CPU on a ASUS Z490 ROG Maximus XII Hero (WiFi) motherboard (latest 2301 BIOS) with a 32GB GSkill B-die RAM kit rated for 3600 MHz @ 1.35V. I have set the RTL, IOL and ODT values (WR, PARK, NOM), the CTRL Ref voltage (anything other than "Auto" for DATA Ref voltages does not boot), and the slopes (Data, Cmd, Ctl and Clk).

There are however 4 settings in that section (Skew Control) of the ASUS BIOS for which I cannot find any information at all:


All 4 of those settings can be assigned a value from 0 to 7 (I am assuming cycles?). From tinkering around with them, I was able to generate the least amount of errors in stress testing with "DURATION" at 6, and "DELAY" at 7 for both READ and WRITE (I haven't tried different READ and WRITE values yet).
I would be grateful for some clarification on what those settings are and what they do.

As a bonus question, are there any other settings that get set during memory training? Even after having set all the above mentioned settings, I sometimes get high run-to-run variance in generated errors when stress testing, making it difficult to conclude if one setting is better than another.

As a bonus bonus question, is setting manual values for DATA Ref voltages not supported by the BIOS, or could the fact that the system is not POSTing be an indication that I am already on a razors edge of stability where only very specific combinations of values permit a POST?

Thanks in advance!