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Oculus rift not compatible with asus USB 3.0 ports

Level 7
So it appears, at least for the 990fx chip sets on my Asus m5a99x and crosshair v formula z that the USB 3.0 controllers are not compatible with the Occlus rift. Will asus release a new bios for enhanced USB compatability?

Level 13
onlydoor did u run the Oculus rift compatible test near the bottom of this link? just wondering. My Asus G30AB manufactured on 7/2/2013 is compatible
and what about steamVR
the best person to ask about bios is raja@asus

Oculus Rift Discounted Asus PC's

Yes I ran both compatability tests. I'm good to go on the HTC Vive, however the Oculus gives this error on the test "the hardware that powers your USB ports is incompatible with Rift. Here is the Hardware that is incompatible: * ASmedia USB 3.0 eXtensible Host controller...( the rest is hidden by the window). I checked around on google and basically any motherboard using the ASmedia controller for USB 3.0 is incompatable.
I dont even know if a Bios update would fix this.
Perhaps somone in the know could forward this to someone who could have some impact on this?

Level 13
Use a USB 2.0 port. The device isn't actually USB 3.0. Oculus simply recommend the USB 3.0 ports due to some motherboards having low power to USB 2.0 ports. There should be no issues in reality.

Old thread but just got my OR. Using usb 2.0 on my RIVBE. OR sucks!!