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OC noob needs help utilizing his RAMs and CPUs full potential

Level 7
Hello there!

I just build myself a new pc because I really needed a CPU upgrade. This is also the first time I am using an AMD CPU.
My full part list is here:

However, I am having two problems with my current setup.

The 3200Mhz RAM i got only run at 2133Mhz. What I heard, I have to enable D.O.C.P to get over that 2133 limit. While in the EZ Bios Mode, I changed the docp mode from "disabled" to "profile 1", which I thought is the way to enable it. This resulted to following changes: 87583

Unfortunately, as soon as these changes were made, my PC wouldn't even boot to BIOS. The only way I was able to get it to work again was by a CMOS reset.
What went wrong? How can I increase the speed of my RAM without crashing my PC?

My second issue is the CPU speeds. Without any previous changes, the CPU seems to change the clockrate constantly, jumping between 3.7 and ~4.3ghz. Is this normal? shouldnt it be set to a fixed value? Since I have no real knowledge of OCing and didn't want to wreck my hardware, I always used automated OCs offered by my previous BIOS. However, before the CMOS reset from the RAM fiasco, I tried ASUS' Tuning Wizard and instead of OCing the CPU to a fixed value, it fixed it down to the base speed of 3.7ghz. I haven't used the Wizard after the CMOS reset so its back to the fluctuating speeds. I just want to boost the cpu a bit and thought, that i could do it with software instead of caring about voltage values and or fearing to break my pc. Is this still possible? Maybe with the AI Suite 3, which I also got?

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help me out there!