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OC Maximus Gene VI + 4670k - Beginners Q.

Level 7
Hi Peoples

Some advice if you can spare me some time please.
I am returning to desktop builds after several years of laptop, OC nowadays seems "The norm" for any self respecting tech-head so i went ahead, did some due diligance and bought the following Micro-ATX build in the hope to doing some enthusiast gaming and start some OC tinkering

- Intel i5 4670k @ 3.4Ghz
- ASUS Maximus Gene IV - latest BIOS 1301
- Dominator Platinum - 2x4GB 1866Mhz (CAS 9-10-9-27, DHX, XMP, 1.5V)
- H100i cooler (SP120) @ 27degrees idle, ~50degrees under race conditions (BF4).
The rest is just gravy.

I've reset almost all of my BIOS settings to AUTO for smooth running for the time being, no problems at this point.
I was lead to believe a quick and dirty overclock using CPU Level UP (4.2 / 4.4 / 4.6 Ghz) would quickly tell me the quality of my silicon and how well i did in the silicon lottery.

If a use CPU Level Up @ 4.2Ghz the system fails after just a few minutes of Prime95.

Am i following the wrong approach? Feel free to point me at a beginners guide but i wondered if there way anything specific for the ASUS Maximus brand. Perhaps the slightly exotic RAM timing might have tripped me up? I didn't appreciate the importance of this component but believe quality RAM would be flexible enough to do what ever was required.


Hey BreakFix, Up the cpu core voltage to 1.35 and test again as you have been doing, monitor temps and see what they are showing.

Level 7
Hi Nate152.

Sorry for the slow response, family life / work and all that.

At 1.35v I can sustain 4.5GHz, no qualms.
The Fans are starting to kick up and curve and are 1500rpm to keep things between 65 and 68 DegreesC.
I'm not certain i would maintain a higher clock for accustic purposes but i would like to push on for the purposes of understanding.

What's next? 4.6 @ 1.35v?

Yeah, give it a go at core ratio at 46, let the core voltage at 1.35. You are a fast learner I see.

Level 7
Not very stable at 1.35v i'm afraid to say.
Upping the voltage by a further 0.5 seems the pattern, but is it a law of diminishing returns at this stage? We're running out of Voltage headroom fast.

As long as temps allow you can up the voltage, If you were unstable, try it at 1.40v. You will have to monitor the temps close as we are coming to the limit of what the H100i can handle. Do it and report your temps please. 1.40v at 4.6 GHz.

Hi Nate,

I just wanted to say thanks for your help with my OC setup.
At 4.6Ghz I was able to operate with some stability although the fans where noisier than I would like so i'm going to stick with 4.4Ghz at the moment.

You have been of great assistance.

Level 7
Still my all time favourite thread, and still rocketing the 4.5Ghz overclock. Cheers Nate!