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OC Guide encyclopedia

Level 7
Hi all,

As per the thread, is there a rough guide to basic decent OC with certain hardware combinations.

Currently running an old p8p67 with 2600k overclocked through a comprehensive guide found online.

I'm looking for the same thing for a Asus Maximus VII Ranger - Devils Canyon Core i7 4790K, before I commit to purchase. Can anybody help me out?

Hello rjboodell and welcome to the ROG forum.

They don't have the maximus vii overclocking guide up yet but you can follow the maximus vi guide, it's basically the same.

Level 7
Hi Nate, many thanks and hello.

I'm a man with many questions. Is it worth my upgrading first of all. I have a problem at the moment after a bios upgrade, but it might also be something that a windows refresh will resolve. A part of me thinks that it's a waste of time reloading everything when not swapping out hardware. Despite the cost implications of the latter.

Thanks for the link. This is quite complex. What I am looking for is something that actually tells me what settings to choose for a certain OC. As mentioned, my previous OC is from info wholly provided. Voltages, cpu load line set to extreme. Etc etc.

This is what I'm after, class me an OC noob!

What did you want to overclock your current pc/cpu or your new pc?

The Asus team goes into detail on each setting, it looks like a lot but it really isn't.

All you really need to play with is the cpu core ratio and the cpu core voltage. Then you have the cache you can overclock as well as the BCLK. I'm sure you know temperature controls how far you can overclock your cpu.

You can set the LLC (Load Line Calibration) to medium for best results. Set to extreme the LLC can overshoot the cpu core voltage.

This November/December broadwell cpu's will be released and will work with the z97 board. If you can wait til then that would probably be the best for you.

What is the problem you are having after updating the bios?

Feel free to ask all the questions you want.

Level 7
Again not sure if it's a windows problem. Basically I thought my usb speeds were low (I now may have misread this). Upon downloading chipset driver from asus website, I could not install. "System is not compatible"

I was on a very early bios 1850 on the p8p67 it was also a beta. I updated this to the latest bios and it allowed me to install the chipset driver. After installing the Intel storage driver thingy "sorry to be so vague" I got a win 8.1 blue screen of death.

The only way I could then boot was to do a restore point back to the night before.

Computer running OK but upon first boot or start up from sleep after 10-20 minutes of runtime, I get a pause, a freeze. This eventually restores and everything works fine, no crashes. The mouse cursor moves, I just can't click. I thought at first it was windows explorer freezing. However I was gaming last night and it went then. Is it possible I have ruined the driver for my SSD drive?

So many possibilities, hence wanting to start again!

Level 7
Could be there are still traces of the flaky storage driver after the system restore, anyway to check this, download another and reinstall?

If it is not a big deal you could start again and do a fresh windows install.

Yes I could, but this is where I think I'd hold off and do a total fresh start with new hardware... Sounds terribly lazy doesn't it! But as I plan on an upgrade in the near future, I might just make do with this little glitch.

OC wise with the ranger and Devils core, I expect to hit around 4.6 as I do with my 2600k. I have 16gb ram and this currently isn't OC on my current system, I don't see there's a real benefit.

So with and upgrade in mind over the weekend, is there a generic safe setting anybody has for a 4.6 OC?