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No Option to Overclock?

Level 7
My friend bought this laptop.

I upgraded the RAM to 32GB but there is no option, anywhere, to set or make sure its set to run at 3200. Am I missing something? I understand that it's a laptop, but I'd figured there would be something in BIOS for overclocking.

Level 13
Nothing special. Laptop BIOS are almost always locked down pretty tight with few features. I'm betting no matter what you put in it the machine wont go past 2400. Already went down that road on a G752VY and bought 2800 I think it was and it wont budge past 2400 which was higher than the 2133 it came with. Booted right into 2400. Made the mistake of trying to do it through Intel Tuning Utility and had to take the machine completely apart to get to the battery and pull it to get it to boot again. Whatever it will boot to by itself is what you get. Specs on the machine says 3200MHz on the ram so it should boot to that. You can verify with CPUZ.

Thanks for the reply.

I've built him and his son each a desktop, so he got his girlfriend a this laptop. Popped the RAM in and just couldn't find anywhere to set speed, annoying. I know laptops are very limited, just for the kind of laptop I thought it would have the basics, lol. I was busy the whole, so I didn't bother to install CPUZ to check, so I'll do that.

Thanks again.

Level 13
Yeah Desktops and laptops are very different in the BIOS dept. Even from Desktop to Desktop MOBOs you get different abilities. You want more control and options its a price premium. I have a few premium ROG laptops in the house and the BIOS pretty much limits you to boot options and raid if they are capable. I run raid0 in my G752VY. The only overclocking is in the game central where you can choose normal, turbo or extreme which is more of a power cfg than anything else. If I want full performance that I paid for its in Extreme and if Im not using the performance and want a little more battery run time I can switch it to normal but thats about the jest of it and its done in the OS.