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Next 14" G-series

Level 7
Greetings all,

Lurking these pages have left me with the impression that what we will not see a new 14" gaming laptop this year.

If that is true I would like to offer some input on what I would like to see in the next one coming out from the factories.

Weight: Sub 2,5 kg ( I travel quite a bit and waiting a few hours in airport lounges is in my oppinion best spend playing games)

Sound: ICE-Power from B&O, if possible make the speakers use the features you see in B&O's automotive speaker series with acoustic lensing.

HD: Dual SSD in Raid0 (128GB and 256GB, anything above that just adds weight)

Screen: No 3D option, who would really want to watch 3D on a 14" screen, that is why we have the option of connecting to one or more external screens.

Webcam: Drop it, it requires the edge around the screen to be bigger, thus adding weight. Besides, who is playing games and using a webcam at the same time?

DVD/Blue-ray: Not needed.

Battery: I'm a bit torne here, either a big one that will last about 6 hours watching films, or something that would last about an hour (time enough to finish what you are doing, and then you can get to another powersocket) But keep the weight down.

CPU: Go for it.

GPU: Just one, no need for multiple GPU's in SLI or CrossFireX ( micro stuttering), just make sure it's got plenty of RAM ( 4GB+).

RAM: 16GB+

Cooling: I like the cooling setup that can be found of the current G-series, but I do have one problem with it. The way the fans work, they make a negative pressure inside the cabinet. this results in a lot of dust being sucked in through every crack in the chassis. Make the cooling provide a positive pressure instead, and the computer will stay clean for longer, thus making the components last longer and giving a better sustained OC potential ( I'm not interested in OC'ing, I just like things to be free from dust)

Peripheals: Instead of having the cordes for those poking out of the sides, why not use the space between the rear vents for those ports, including the power cord?

Think that is about it.

Any one else have any ideas to what they would like to see in a new 14" g-series?