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New to Overclocking, 10900kf

Level 7
I've never overclocked before, and want to get a little more outta my system. I use this pc primarily for Iracing in VR, and would like a little more from it. I used Intel Performance Maximizer in the beginning, until I noticed in HWM, that my speeds under load were still showing 4.9 on all cores. When I initially ran the Intel Performace Maximizer, it gave me an All Core Pass @ 5.2ghz, but then docked 100mhz. Anyway, I uninstalled it, and never used it again. I eventually did a clean install of Windows 11, and decided to try and OC this thing again. Since IPM gave me an All Core Pass @5.2, I'm hoping that I can get a manual 5.1 outta this thing. I changed the following...

Asus TUF Z490 Plus
GeForce 3080 010G
Enable MCE
XMP set to XMP2
Sync all cores 51
Core Voltage set to 1.340
Cache min/max 48
Speedstep/Speedshift Enabled
Hyperthreading Disabled
Balanced power plan

I ran Realbench for two hours, got a pass @ 1.340v, temps maxed at 79C. I tried at 1.330v, but is showed a result of "unstable", so back to 1.340v.

Level 7
Tweaked my fan speeds, ran Realbench stress test for 4 hours 5.1ghz @ 1.34v, Realbench showed a max cpu temp of 77c, HWM recorded 75c. Got a pass.





Is your System Agent (VCCSA) really at 2.0V?? Not sure if that's an error/misread in the monitoring software but hopefully it is. You probably don't want this over 1.35v. And why not High-Performance Power Plan?