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New Maximus VI hero & Asus GTX 780 Direct CU II OC -> high frequency buzzing sound

Level 7
hi guys,

before i start wrote about my problems please notice that english isnt my native language, so sorry when i fail to exactly express my issues.

I build today a new system with this specs:

Int Core i5-4670K 3400 1150
Asus3GB D5 X GTX780-DC2OC
DDR3 16GB 1600 -999 XMP Beast von Kingston
Fractal D. Integra R2 750W PSU
Fractal D. Arc R2 Window bk ATX
be quiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1
Eizo 23 L FS2333-BK
SSD 240GB HyperX von Kingston

My Problem is a high frequency buzzing sound when i reach high fps. this sound is terribel, is so freakin high and loud. like rubber who is scratching over glas. -.-

i try allready 2 diffrent PSU´s but i dont work. Still the same. So People tell me this is the Graphic Card and i cant do nothing agianst it - just give it back to the vendor. at least iam scarry to order a new version of the same card, maybe there are the same issues.

did anyone hear of this issue? i use the last 3 years 2 diffrent asus gamer notebooks and everything was fine but no i build up my first gamer system and was honord to use asus agian but... it fails.

I can benchmark, play games and everything. no problems but this sound is freakin me out, i need to volume up my headset to 100% mostly to didnt hear it.

thanks for any tips and advertise!

Level 40
It is your PSU I have had the exact same thing happen with Be QUite PSU's and other users have reported the same.

Could you please borrow or swap your PSU for another and see if the buzzing goes away.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
I try 3 PSU:

1. Fractal Design Integra R2 - 750W 80Plus Bronze

2. Thermaltake 80 Plus - 550W

3. FSP Group Inc. FSP750-80APG - 750W

All 3 same Problem, the Noise is different some are higher some are lower but still heavy buzzing sound.

Level 10
IDempiree wrote:

need to volume up my headset to 100% mostly to didnt hear it.

I'm guessing here so i might be wrong, could it be ground coming from your headset?
Mobo : Asus Maximus VI Impact || CPU : i5-4670k || Cooling : H100
GPU : MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G || PSU : Corsair RM 650 || Rams : G Skill Trident X 4GBx2 2400 CL10
Monitor : 2x Asus VX239h + 1x HP w2207h || Chassis : Bitfenix Prodigy Red || OS : WIN8.1 x64
Periphirals : Corsair K95, Logitech g402, Edifier 3350

oh! and it looks like the sound just comes when the gpu is at a high load level. at league of legends all max full hd and lose fps about 180 i didnt get the buzzing sound and here the gpu load is just 50%.

Level 7
no, there is no different. whould be nice if it was that easy. 🙂

i also plug the the card out and back in, try different pcie slots. and at least i try 3 psu. as i say, the sound varied a bit with the psu but the core sound stay the same.

Level 7
ok it do so, but quieter... at least

Level 7
It's kinda funny, The few times I've booted up minecraft on my rig this exact same thing happens but ONLY on the "Create new world" page which kinda have lead me to believe that it is the java engine/Gui API used that screw with the GPU?
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Level 7
i didnt use minecraft.

it happens on my side under; world of warcraf, 3Dmark, 3dmark11, league of legends when i dont set frame rate stop at 80fps and so on... its epic. sounds like this:

Level 15
Start by locating the source of the sound. Game like you normally would and turn off your speakers. Do you still hear the sound?