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New build- why is Cpu fan speed full on with FanX2? Was mellow when bios controlled.

Level 7
Ok so I just built my first rig, and I am trying to figure out why cpu fan is behaving as it is. I have Maximus Extreme V motherboard and a Seidon CPU cooler. Before I fired up Fan Xpert 2 for the first time (and still in bios and before windows boots) the fans on the cooler radiator ran quiet. Now in windows these radiator fans speeds are faster and much louder, and CPU temp is low (20 C). And I cannot control CPU fans in Fan Xpert 2 . Silent mode makes no difference for Cpu fans.

So because of Fan Xpert 2 (FX2) my computer will be louder all the time now? If the temp is so low why is it running so fast? Before Fan Xpert 2 the bios was controling the speed and did not set it so high for so low of a temp. Is it just innately more aggressive cooling?

Also and quite annoying, I keep getting stupid warnings for low rpm's on my optional fan 3 - my top fan 20". I shut off it's fan monitoring and fan control in bios and it still seems to pop up - so what gives? In FX2 I set the RPM fix mode to 100% and that helps but I just want to stop the warnings without max speed enabled. I haven't updated bios yet - if that matters.

Level 14
delete the program, and set up profiles in bios if you can.

Level 10
Please use bios to control your fan speeds. Uninstall fan expert.. Why need it wn u can control via bios?:) you can however check this link for further details..:
CPU: Intel i5 3570k OC'd to 4.6GHz @1.170V; Mobo: MVG; GPU: Zotac 1070 mini OC'd to +210MHz/+205MHz; Memory: 8GB (2X4GB dual channel) Corsair Vengeance 1333Mhz 9-10-9-T2; SSD: Samsung 840 pro; HDD: 1TB WD Green 6Gbps; PSU: Corsair GS 600w; Case: Bitfenix Merc Alpha:Hybrid Octane in progress; Cooler: Corsair H80 closed loop cooling @ high profile;

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Well fan expert is pretty neat - and anyway the only thing it's annoying me with is too much cpu fan speed for low temps.
And it's the bios that keeps warning me about low rpm's even though I turned off monitoring and control. About to update bios so maybe that might help with warnings.

Level 12
In case you keep Fan expert.. did you run auto tune through the application, to let it sense the min and max rpm of every fan of your case?All fan headers of the mainboard can be adjusted in real time if you use 3 or 4 pin fans, except the ones for CPU and CPU OPT. These two need PWM 4 Pin fans to do that. Because with PWM fans you don't control Voltage but duty cycle through the fourth pin there are some incompatible hardware sometimes (control circuit to fan). Through Fan expert unfortunately you cannot set an alarm for rpms less than 600, so you have to let your fans run over this threshold. Through BIOS you can go down to 200 or disable it completely. If BIOS keep giving you alerts even after you have disabled alarm, means that mainboard cannot sense the fourth wire (because of incompatible hardware or a faulty fan).

Level 12
Also I don't thing its a BIOS problem.

yep, I ran auto tune right away. * and no, none of my fans have four wires besides cpu main fan* (the cpu cooler pump in my case).*---{ backwards -cpu pump has 3 wire / radiator fans have 4 wire----doah!}

how come radiator fans can run slower through bios but not through FX2?

So I was getting warning on fan with three wires, but it is plugged in opt_3 - not cpu or cpu_opt. And for some reason now it isn't giving me warnings anymore with FX2 active and it's speed set above it's min. Before it was giving me warnings all the time with this setting. Now I just get a single warning on restart for this fan, every time.

So now I just have unnecessarily fast radiator fans which wasn't the case before FX2 was activted.

elec^tro^fun wrote:
yep, I ran auto tune right away. and no, none of my fans have four wires besides cpu main fan (the cpu cooler pump in my case).

You mean you have connected the pump (motor) to the CPU header? I think this not wright. Pump needs constant power to recirculate water in max flow all the time. Please check your connections.
I think you have to connect the fans to the CPU header and the pump to CPU_OPT or with a molex adaptor to your power supply.
If your fans have an Y connector with PWM you shouldn't have any problem to control them through CPU header.
Maybe that's why you get the warnings from BIOS.

First off - the bios fan speed warning is only for opt_3 fan - my top 200mm fan.

Second, I made a mistake. The pump conector is 3 wire and the radiator fans connectors are 4 wire - whoops. But none-the-less the instructions for the cpu cooler just show a stupid picture of both the fan and pump connectors being hooked up to the motherboard. It states picture is for reference only. So yeah, maybe I should hook pump up to full power always, but I don't really know. They show you a picture of hooking it up to a motherboard 4 pin plug, so one would think it should work there and be allowed to be properly powered by such connection.

I mean this is my first build and fist experience with cpu water cooler. I don't know if the damn pump should be 100% powered all the time. If that's the case then the instructions just suck. And if I should have hooked pump to cpu_opt that's counter intuitive - as the pump is the main component of the water cooling system. No pumping will become tragic a lot sooner than no radiator fans, as there are other fans present.

Level 12
It doesn't matter if you made a mistake. The important thing is that through some blah-blah we figured it out. (and we learned some things). Now if you connect the fans to the CPU header everything will be fine. Enjoy your system and have fun.