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New Asus ROG Charger Malfunction

Level 7
I don't know where else to ask and if I'm posting in the wrong place, I'm sorry.
Some background: I've been gone for about 10 days before this incident so there is no way it happened because the adapter was dropped, spilled on, etc. the AC/DC adapter makes a very faint beeping/clicking sound as soon as it's plugged it and stops when unplugged. It used to charge my laptop even with the annoying sound but now it doesn't.
I purchased my laptop with all the components less than a year ago from Best Buy. Would the charger be covered under warranty? I've seen many people online complain of a similar problem and i don't really want to spend 45 bucks for a problem that I didn't cause.
Also, are there any fixes for this?
I just got back from a trip and got several new games with no way to play them 😞

US Customer Loyalty Agent

The notebook AC adapter will usually have the same warranty as your notebook, but contact your local ASUS support to confirm and discuss your options about getting it replaced, or check with your Best Buy store too if possible to find out how they can help with this (I'm not sure if they can, but wanted to mention it in case they have better options for you).

Let us know if you have any problems finding the correct contact information from the link below, but if you are in the U.S., you want to contact the retail line for notebooks purchased from Best Buy if you plan to call and be sure to have the serial number under the notebook ready.

Also, if you don't mind telling us which notebook model you have, we can move you to the related section to get more opinions from other forum members with the same notebook model, otherwise, don't worry about it if you want to stay in this section.

Hope this helps and please let us know if you still have any questions or run into any problems arranging this.