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Need major help buying another laptop!

Level 7
Due to my girlfriend's envy of seeing me purchase my own ASUS laptop, she became interested in buying one. Her max price range is $750-800 i'm not very good with processors or graphics card really for that matter, but i need help! She wants a pretty decent graphics card, backlight keyboard, 15inch screen, ok ram, and a decent amount of memory, and pretty decent processor but it HAS TO BE BLACK. (Pretty decent i mean moneys worth.) and i figured all Asus have good cooling.

I looked at the ASUS K53SD-DS51 but it has a really ugly color that she doesn't like so she really doesn't want to buy it.

Any and all models would so help, even if you link a custom built one! it doesn't have to be am ASUS but that's a preferability.

Thank you guys so much for my help last time 🙂

-sorry if this isn't in the appropriate place for this post.