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Need help with specifics of putting SSD into G750JM and moving OS to it

Level 7
I've read the literature/posts I could find relative to this topic but still have a few questions I want to know the answer to before I try to install an SSD into my G750JM, swap the OS over to it, then reformat the original HDD for an archive/storage drive. The laptop is brand new and besides a couple things that I can easily reinstall, I don't have anything I want to transfer besides the OS from the factory HDD over to the SSD I purchased.

So far I've used the Asus Backtracker to put the 16 GB system image on a USB flash drive. (I also put the Asus Drivers/App option from Backtracker onto the same USB flash drive and I'm not sure if that was necessary).

I know how to physically install the SSD, but am wondering if I should install the SSD in addition to HDD, or remove the HDD and install the SSD in its place initially. I know to hold the ESC key during the start up in order to copy the OS onto the SSD, and wasn't sure if having the OS already on the HDD would be a problem. I'd guess not since I'd be overriding the boot priority? Will the system restore from the flash drive literally just clone the factory load onto the SSD and make the laptop instantly capable of booting from SSD without requiring any further configuration? Either way, I'm looking for a recommendation here.

Secondly, once I have the OS on the SSD can I simply reformat the HDD without doing anything else? I obviously don't want to have an OS on my SSD and also on the HDD that I intend to use for storage of media/games.

I know many people have done this and would greatly appreciate if someone could just refer me to a guide that I wasn't able to find or just let me know what steps they took (to include details like installing the SSD in addition to the factory HDD or if you replaced the factory HDD with a new SSD before loading the backtracker system restore)

Thanks for the help.

Level 7
Sorry, I'm a moron. Should have just searched for "move os to ssd" and found this:

That said, I do have one more question - with my desktop, my motherboard came with the asus thermal radar to tell me all of my temps. How can I tell the temps of my G750JM components?