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need help with overclocking my cpu

Level 7
Hello, as the title says am looking to overclock both my cpu and my gpu to boost my gaming performance as am not happy with what i get in most games and i dont know why but with my setup i should be getting good results unless something is wrong with my setup,

Here is my full specs,
sli gtx 980ti gigabyte windforce (Boost: 1241 MHz / Base: 1152 MHz) & evga SC ( not overclocked ) (Base Clock: 1102 MHz / Boost Clock: 1190 MHz )
i7 3960x not overclocked
asus rampage iv latest bios
4x8gb 2400mhz ram corsair platinum
Evga Supernova 1500
custom cooling for cpu
i game on Asus rog swift gsync 144hz

I game on sony 4k tv XBR-65X900A,

am new to overclocking i only done it once with cpu but through the bios profiles so i dont know if its normal for the decrease of the memory freq from 2400 to 1333 or not,

i also would like to push my cards into overclocking if possible to see increase in my gaming performance,

if you want more information regarding anything please let me know i did some 3dmark also to see the score..


Level 7
well gpus need to be in sync to take effect, i tried that and worked and both gpus have different core clock but the system down the one with higher clock to the lowest one which is evga sc

but my problem at the moment when i just added +100 to both the evga one overheat it goes to 86c on gaming or benchmark :S

That's strange, you should be able to overclock them individually too.

86c is ok for a gpu as long as it's not throttling down when it gets to that temperature.

Level 7
well i applied aggressive fan curve and temps looks fine max was 73c but i cant get past +135 on the core and i will test out the memory now, but i crash when i try +140 on core :S

2nd when i run heaven benchmark on 1440p i get memory usage of 404mhz instead of 3500 and that cause major fps drop but when i run it in 1080 and change it to 1440p from the inside it works fine but inside any game it use 404mhz memory which cause major fps drop how do i fix this one :S ?