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Need help with a problem

Level 7
Hey guys been reading the forum for awhile first post though. I am at my wits end with this issue and looking for some help.

When I bring up any game (does not matter the game even older games that I have had no issue with in the past) My clock fluctuates from 620 to 72 and back up causing a delay in the game so it is like walking and pausing every couple of seconds. I have also noticed that when I try to use a second monitor I get a static or flashing on that second monitor at the same time.

my specs are below along with a list of things I have tried but at this point I am up for anything I cannot find what is causing this problem.


The computer is a g75vw with a nvidia gtx 670m

I have not overclocked the GPU at all and temps run at a high of 61

I have replaced the power supply, made sure battery is on max performance, changed nvidia control pannel to max performance, formatted my computer and started from scratch, ran pc-doctor toolbox looking for hardware issues with no problems, and all graphics drivers are up to date.

I am frustrated and ready to just buy a new computer so any help would be appreciated.

Level 10
have you ever gotten any BSODs, freezing, and sudden shutdowns? Might be something else causing the issues you're experiencing. Try also running memtest to see if there's any error with your memory.

Thanks for the reply infernostorm

Memtest came back clean. no bsod, freezing, or shutdowns. I have since opening the thread done a complete removal of the nvidia drivers and re-installed again, and confirmed my bios is up to date but neither resolved the issue.

It seems that whenever my gpu hits 99% something throttles it and shuts it down


Hello ulgrath, welcome to the rog forum.

Please list your complete pc specs for us please, it could be a heat issue or power issue.

my full dxdiag is here

but basics its a asus g75vw with intel core i7-3630qm cpu @2.4ghz
16 gigs ram

running windows 8

gpu is a gtx670m no overclocking done

Max temp during stress tests are 61deg I have just replaced the power supply since the old power supply when tested with a meter was bouncing but it has not resolved the issue.

Hello ulgrath, welcome to the ROG forum and thank you for you full system specs.

If your laptop was working fine and you just started experiencing this problem, try a system restore and see if that helps.

Another thing to try is if you've updated to the latest NVidia driver try rolling back to 355.98.

Disconnect your second monitor for now.

Thanks Natel

I have done a full reformat of the system with no luck also rolled back to a driver from last year January also with no luck

Thanks for the advise any other things to try?

I see you have some other devices connected to your laptop, disconnect everything except your mouse and try a game.

Level 10
Download GPU-Z to monitor and try running Furmark, 3DMark06 and 3DMark11 and see if the same issue is experienced when running the benchmarks. On my previous laptop I could never get my GPU to run properly with newest drivers so I had to use old drivers in order to play games without crashing. I personally recommend using much older drivers after doing a full sweep of the video drivers with DDU and try again as newest drivers don't guarantee no problems (logically you may think so).