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Need help raising voltage on vid cards

Level 9
Ok so basically what I want to do is raise the voltage on my vid cards (I have dual GTX 570's SLI'd) for the sole reason to hopefully solve a long lasting problem I have had with the game BF3. I actually bought the game months ago and stopped playing because it would just crash. My original post about it can be found here

And here on the BF3 forums

From what I've gathered I see some people saying they slightly raised the voltage on their vid card and it solved the problem. I've tried everything else with no luck. I've always been reluctant to do any overclocking at all. Never done any overclocking personally but I am at my wits ending in getting this game to work because it plays so flawlessly while it's actually working and I want to play.

Basically I need help on raising the voltage, do I need a program, afterburner? Does ASUS have it's own? Anything in the BIOS I need to do? I'm not interested in gaining performance so Just would like to raise it as little as possible at first to see if it solves it.

Here is my system specs:

Rampage 4 extreme mobo

Intel i7 3930k

Intel thermal solution RTS 2011 Liquid Cooler

Corsair Dominator GT 12 gb

LG Bluray burner

Intel SSD 520 series 120 gb

Dual Asus GTX 570 SLI'd

RaidMax 850 AE Power supply

Antec 1200 case

I do realize I am a little under powered with the 850 PSU, I've read for SLI a minimum of 1000w is recommended but the pc runs cool, this tower has alot of fans, really I mean seriosuly alot lol. Under gaming situations it handles good. Thanks for any help.

Level 16
Asus has GPU Tweak for OC'ing the graphics cards... you should be able to raise the voltage on the GPU a little bit...

You also can use MSI Afterburner or EVGA PrecisionX for OC'ing...

And yes, your PSU does concerns me a little bit... specially because you have so many other thing which needs power too (a lot of fans)...

Level 9
Well, installed afterburner and raised the voltage about 900, and same ****. Game just crashes. Any ideas?

Level 9
What happens when you run 3D Mark 11 or the new 3D mark they just came out with ?
You need to to verify if it's a hardware problem or possibly a problem with the game !
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Level 9
Well, I stumbled upon a post made a little while back by someone else having a similar problem with the same exact card I have, some system differences and his was not SLI'd as mine is. He was having a similar crash but not quite the same. At some point he decided to manually raise the fan speed in MSI Afterburner taking it off the auto setting and bingo! Seemed to be a solid fix for him, so I decided to try this and I must say it has not crashed yet about 2 hours into a game. Not getting my hopes up yet and I will try a little more gaming tomorrow. But hopefully this is it! I am so tired of products just not working for whatever reason and then having to play cyber detective and track down solutions as the manufacturers are NO help at all.

Level 16
LOL, you had a temp issue! Not a to low voltage one... - thanks for sharing! It may be helpful for others...

Level 40
This fix is now added to my list of user solutions. Thank you.
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