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Need Help Overclocking The Old i7 6700K

Level 11
Hello All,
I have been out messing around with overclocking for quite a while, so I forgot a lot of stuff on tweaking. I decided to diddle around with it today and see what I can get out of the old chip.
I can overclock to 4.6GHZ with the Vcore at 1.35v successfully. I have not tried to lower the voltage and test yet. While it passes stress testing at 46, I tried going up to 47 with the Vcore still at 1.35v. When restarting I got a blue screen, but the second restart got me to Windows. I then tried to start RealBench, but it crashed right then.
I am wondering if I need to raise the Vcore a little bit just to be able to get Windows to run? Or maybe 4.6GHZ is all I can get? I have been doing all this from the BIOS starting from defaults and XMP disabled.
Do you all have any suggestions that I can try?

My system specs are in my profile.

Hi Not_Enough_Rage,

You're doing good.

You got 4.6GHz stable with 1.35v but 4.7GHz is not.

You need a little more vcore for 4.7GHz so keep an eye on temps if raising the voltage, or just stick with 4.6GHz.

Level 11
Ok, thanks. I`ll try bumping up the Vcore to 1.36v or 1.37v and see what happens. If the actual Vcore voltage goes up near 1.45v I thing I`ll go back to 4.6Ghz.
Hello Nate, I don`t know if you remember, but you spent a lot of time helping me installing my OS when I was newbie and didn`t know anything. 😉 :confused:

LOL, I remember your name and vaguely remember helping you with that.

Yeah, temp is the biggest concern now. You should get 4.7GHz stable with just a little more vcore, it seems you're almost there.

Level 13
Your cooling is killing you. I ran mine at 5GHz all day long on a custom loop and HKIV pro block.
4.6-4.7 is about all you are going to get with an AIO. Been there and done that. When I went X299 and moved the M8E to another platform for my wife to use and it has the exact same H115I 4.6 is where I left it. 4.7 and its getting toasty. She doesnt do much so the 4.6 is fine.

Nice BigJohnny !

5.0GHz was a rare feat on the 6700k, if you were able to hit that you won the silicon lottery.

I was able to hit 4.8GHz with my 6700k but wasn't fully stable, I had to settle for 4.7GHz.

If you could delid your 6700k, this would drop temps anywhere from 10c-20c.

Level 11
Thanks for the comments Johnny and Nate. Yep, 4.6 is all I`m able to get. At 4.7 it crashes almost right away. I don`t even get a chance to test it. But, that`s okay. I`m happy with what I have.
Hopefully soon, I will build an all new system. Might even go AMD mobo and CPU.

Ah, couldn't get 4.7GHz stable.

No big deal, 4.6GHz is about what the average 6700k can do.

If you want to go AMD, I'd wait for their answer to Intel's Alder Lake.

Level 7

Reading through your post makes me think that my 6700K was actually decent. I got a lot of flack for my post on youtube for saying my 6700K at the time hit 5GHZ.

That was my 6700K.

This was me undervolting it