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Need Help No VGA Signal?!

Level 9

Equipment: STRIX OC RTX 4090

Motherboard: Z790 Apex (Bios 1703 Beta I believe?)



Ok, so last night my STRIX OC RTX 4090 was working just fine on latest bios from Safedisk post.

This morning, I ran memtest and get errors, so I decided to go back and reset timings, then here is where my issues began. I reboot and no VGA signal to speak of? Weird, so I clear CMOS entirely and try again. NOTHING. No errors on Motherboard, I get the usual ASUS Splash screen except this time its in Diagnosis Mode and asks me to restart, so I restart then same thing. No video signal but normal motherboard boot sequence runs just fine. So I decide to try a diff HDMI Cable and DIsplayport Cable. SAME PROBLEM! It goes through memory timing sequence, boots and I see Asus Bios menue, then it acts like its going to windows and NOTHING. Any ideas what to do bc I am clueless.