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Need help installing my new asus rog maximus 6 hero

Level 7
I disconnected my old msi h61 p23 board and put the new asus board . there appears to be a grounding issue . when the board is inside the case the cpu fan doesnt power up . and the psu fan doesnt spin . when i take the board out and put it on a non static piece . and turn it on . the cpu fan goes full speed . if i try and plug a gpu . it doesnt power up at all . I put my old board back and everything seems to work . I just cant get the new one to work
current spec . i5 3470 . gtx 780 . ocz 700 watt md extreme
new spec . i7 4770k . asus rog maximus vi

Level 40
Hi coldmale 🙂

Just to rule out the obvious....mATX and ATX do not have the same stand-off positions as far as I know...are you removing the stand-offs and placing them in the correct positions?