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Need G531GT GTX 1650M No TDP Limit Bios

Level 8
My temps are incredibly low underload (at a lovely 65c Max while running occt and stressing the crap out of it) However the gpu instantly hits its 50watt TDP in pretty much everything. I have easily overclocked to almost 2250mhz however the damn tdp keeps me at 1900 when running non stressful benchmark and 1350mhz when running OCCT.

I need a vbios that doesnt have this stupid 50watt TDP, Or at least one that can go up to 65watt. I havent been able to find any information anywhere, and I don't know enough about how nvidia's encrypting bios's now. Otherwise I would just mod the vbios myself.

Anyone know if theres any other way to remove this limit (Physical modding isn't out of the question, if I can retain a proper watt usage readout)

Not being able to hit my actual peak boost is pretty lame considering its still the same voltage... (Card doesn't go above 750mv) Not sure even how it would have been able to normally hit its boost clocks.

Well I modded my vbios, so its TDP is 65watt but I dont know if it will work, Im setting up everything to reflash in case of a brick. If I don't post back then I probably bricked my gpu and need to get an SPI flasher

So I got my modded bios to flash with some minor memory hacks to nvflash however It said there was a problem with it so I flashed back.

Anyway Im probably going to look into a TDP Shunt to trick the damn thing into thinking its drawing less power then it actually is. But Thats going to be WAY more difficult. Im rather angry that I cant use my card to its full potential.