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Need any and all Tips and opinions

Level 7
Just put in my new Samsung 850 EVO 250GB as my primary and tuned a lil bit more, any comment and/or opinions welcome

Level 40
I'm not an ssd expert...but that looks good to me...rapid mode working well 😉

Thanks ya first ssd ever so new on the boat mainly hoping for some tips or opinions about my gfx, no matter what I reset TDP limit, watts, voltage and clocks after around 1200/1500ish my OpenCL RealBench score doesnt really improve? have my setting and 182Watts @ 10%TDP limit resulting in 164-200Watts any over and after a few hours of gameplay it'll shutoff.

Level 40
open cl score hardly changes ocing the'll pretty much get the exact same number run after run for any given GPU...

You can run open cl on CPU at same time for a bit of a boost....see tips and tricks in realbench section...

Ahh didn't know that I will have to check that out in a little bit, when I oced the first time from 1000-1200mhz it gave me about 4000 more score that's about it. Appreciate the let know, one last question, should I expect to get any more oUT of my ram? I know ram tuning really matters very lil but I always feel I am missing something lol

Level 40
RAM tuning does help...if you can run tighter timings at a given frequency you will score more but not out of this world more....but every little bit helps if you are going for your personal best 😉

thanks ya went to that tips and tricks and actually increased my record by 3-4k more which is surprisingly more than anyones record out of my setup area lol I will slowly fine tune more havent really touched the ram yet