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Need a little help please.

Level 7
Hello guys. Having little trouble with my rig. Just wont even out, so I'm coming to the best I hope 🙂

Recently installed a full custom w/c loop in my rig, and upgraded to Trident-X 2400 ram, and to the Maximus V Formula mobo.

Recently before that I upgraded from a GTX560 to a GTX 780. I can boot just fine, however I run into stability issues immediately on running heaven 4.0, or valley. Just an instant hard crash and reset. No BSOD, straight insta-reset. I pulled the 780 from the loop and the rig, re-installed my 560, and everything ran fine. My 780 had been running fine before the mobo and water cooling upgrade. And it still boots just fine and web surfs, its in right now actually, but heavy load, insta crash. I have undone all my o/c's and am running completely stock. I have 700 w psu, and honestly, not a very good one, so my next step has been to order a new psu, hopefully here tomorrow.

I'm going to try this, hoping that it is a lack of power issue, because I really dont want to rma my card. It makes sense to me because the crash acts like an instant loss of power. right down to the ROG led on the mobo.

So I should know soon hopefully! What do you all think? Good chance its the psu? Or am I hooped and just looking for an excuse? And really ANY other help or advice you may have would be great!

BTW, I can run Heaven on basic mode, just not extreme... which also makes me think its the psu.

Any help or advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Level 11
I'm not really sure what might be the problem but my guess would be the PSU. What I get is that after you installed a water cooling system and a new mobo it stopped working. Why it worked before with the GPU and not after might be due to the water cooling parts and mobo taking a bit more energy which might cause the PSU to be unable to handle the load. Before the water cooling what did you use and what are you using now when it comes to fans and pump/s? Also how old is the PSU?
| Chassi: Phantom Fulltower White Edition | Mobo: Maximus V Extreme | CPU: i7 3770k
| Memory: 2x8gb G.Skill Trident X 2400mhz | GPU: PNY Geforce GTX 670 | PSU: NZXT Hale 90 750w
| SSD: Intel 120gb 330 series (OS) | Intel 120gb 330 series (Games n stuff)
| Monitor: LG 29EA93 | Cooling: Custom Loop

The psu is a Coolmax CL-700B. My water pump is a MP655 variable, speed on the 3 setting, with 3X 120 fans on the rad and my old cpu heatsink fan on the back to bring cool air into the case. I have that attached to the cpu fan mobo slot, but it only ever runs at low.

Before the upgrade I used a Gigabyte Z77M-DH3 mobo, had the standard case fans in an NZXT Phantom case. (And the reused thermaltake cpu heatsink fan.

I had wanted to upgrade the psu in a few months anyways, so its not a huge deal going to a new one. but I am looking for any other options as well.

Level 40
I would say that your PSU is not able to provide sufficient power for the graphic card.

Your PSU has multi rails and the max on each rail is 16A which I would have thought be enough. So what you can try is to change where you connect the PCIe connectors to your modular PSU in the hope that you get them both on separate rails.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.


It was the power supply. My parts supplier was able to rush order me a XFX 1250 Black Edition, fully modular PSU. Installed it and started with everything stock, and ran heaven for 1/2 an hour. ( Before it wouldn't last 15 sec) Now I'm o'c on my 2500k to 4590 mhz (102blk), 2176 mhz ram
and +200/+175 on my 780. Ran Prime for 6 hrs, and then heaven for 3 on extreme (1920X1080-fullscreen) looping. Everything is stable, and my absolute max temp was 42 deg on my cpu during the prime. 41 on my 780 during the heaven test.

So I would have to say that Coolmax makes a pretty bunk PSU.... 700 should have ran everything at stock. But oh well. And water cooling is unreal. Those temps were with my fans on low-med speeds... and barely audible at all. Normal gaming I run them right on low and dont hear a thing!

Thanks for the help and responses on here. Everyone learns through troubleshooting problems.

Btw, here is a pic of the new system in action. Still some more minor cable management, in regards to the LED's, but this is my first case mod, first water loop, first lighting build. So, it just gets better from here hopefully! 😛23629

The CCF's are have a sound activated switch option as well. Its all in an NZXT Phantom case, so the windows are a custom mod I did, as well as the top had to be modded to allow for the triple rad. Ordered a sleeving kit, so I will be individually sleeving all the wires from the as I have the time.

How do you like it? Honestly, I'm just thrilled i didnt have to RMA my 780, so the rest is just icing on the cake now 😉