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Nebie with Rampage IV Gene and many questions

Level 7
Ok, hello to everyone, this is my first Asus product and actually the first decent pc build i own. I don't have much money, used a Pentium 4 with a Gigabyte mb up to 2007-08 or something, then i was mostly mobile and got a Dell Studio 1737, i still have these. Wanted to play games and do tasks with out worry so was planning for years to get a decent system, looked for laptops at first, but the best of the best were no where near a desktop power and 5X the cost.

So some months ago, after lengthy research into everything related i got this system, in an sff Lian Li case (351). I don't know if the combination is the best, Asus Rampage IV Gene, i7 3820, Hyper X 1600 16gb ram, Gigabyte gtx 670, Corsair Gt ssd, Corsair 750w professional PSU, and a 1T Caviar Black.

So, i had no idea about overclocking, just bought the stuff that could support it at some time in the future if i got interested and had the time to spent.

So, after some difficulties fitting all things into the Lian Li case, it was ready, AND mobile (i can transport it by car, i use two straps).

OS installations, etc, everything great, Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, no problems. Games, everything, great. I hadn't even touched the BIOS settings, because i didn't understand them of course. But out of the box, i was more than pleased, considering my previous experiences with the laptop, etc, i was amazed at the possibilities with this baby.

So after many months of no problems whatsoever (just the LG crap dvd-rom got wasted and i replaced it with a sony one), i decided to have a closer look at the BIOS and the overclocking options.

Lets start with some minor problems, irritating nonetheless. The RealTek Manager, does not load with windows. I have to open it from the Control Panel, then minimize it, and THEN the icon stays in the taskbar. I tick the option to keep it in the taskbar but it refuses to come up with windows... strange.

It seems i was fooled that the quad memory i was buying was 1600 frequency. It seems that it is NOT. 1600 is just part of the model name! And i am sure others were fooled like me, because i saw such posts in the net! So they are actually 1033 frequency...

The CPU-ID ROG, does NOT have anything in the SPD tab. But i didn't have ANY kind of problems with the ram whatsoever. Also, this MemTweakIt tool, i double click it, it asks permission to launch and then its just the icon in the taskbar, nothing else. Is it a remote tool or a user tool, i haven't got it yet. I made sure the quad memory i got was INCLUDED in the compatible ram for this motherboard. So what is the problem?

Also, the gpu is apparently not recognised by the GPU tweak or the EPU programs. Strange.

Now to the BIOS settings. NOTHING works. Actually, the only things that work, are the "Optimized Defaults" (F5), and the Turbo CPU mode, which takes the 3.6 frequency to 3.8. And, the XMP 1600 profile works too, with or without the CPU turbo mode. Thats it!
In the EZ mode, the Optimal option does not work, in the Advanced mode the F6 Asus Ratio Mode, does not work, the CPU Level Up does not work in ANY stage, either i try it from the BIOS or from the OS. And of course the OC Normal, OC Gamer, Low Current, High Current supposedly automatic profiles, do not work at all. All the above make the pc reboot a few times, give blue screens, shut down completely, or just starting up and turning off. And i am not even sure how bad these experimentations are for the discs, or for other hardware. I end up pressing the CMOS clear button in the back of the case.

So what am i doing wrong? Ok, i don't know a lot about overclocking, but should at least the automatic oc modes, like the CPU level ups or the EZ Optimal one, work trouble free, out of the box?

What should i do to clarify this situation?

(Is there a possibility i am not waiting long enough? How much time does the motherboard need to boot, when overclocking? Significantly longer than a normal boot? Maybe it needs to reboot many times before it succeeds? )

Hope i can get some help here, thanks!

Level 7
Not a soul?

Level 15
Wow. Can't believe I completely missed this topic. 😛

1.Realtek Manager.
Run Msconfig and see if there's an entry there for Realtek HD Audio Manager.

2. RAM issues.
If you specify the exact model of your kit, I can take a look into it.

3. GPU overclocking.
I've never used GPU Tweak. But I have the same card as you, download EVGA's Preciosion X. It'll work flawlessly. 😉

4. AI Suite, Profiles, etc.
Stay away from CPU Level UP. It's not worth it. Manual overclocking is the way to go. I'm not 100% certain that CPU Level Up supports your CPU. The reason is that the i7 3820 has a litmited multiplier if I'm not mistaken. I think the multiplier can go as high as 43x so anything after that you'll have to move the BCLK.

If you wish, we can work on your problems one at a time. lol