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My ROG isn't detecting the HDs!

Level 7
Hey guys,

I just purchased a new ROG GL551JW-DS74 from Amazon. I've had it for a week and loaded it with a bunch of Steam games, and I tried to load one of those this morning. When I clicked "Play" it was giving me the thinking cursor for a 5 minutes+ and in general the comp wasn't responding, so I rebooted.

When I rebooted i saw no processing symbols and I was stuck looking at the ROG logo for 10 minutes, so I rebooted again and spammed F10 to get to the boot menu. I looked up what to do with boots and I turned off the secure boot and the fast boot, turned on the CSM boot and restarted. I am looking at it now and there is no option for either my SDD or HDD for booting, just the DVD drive appears.

What can I do?? I didn't have any essential information on my drives, but for the time being this laptop is useless!

Please help!