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MY ROG G75VW continuously switiching between AC and battery mode after fully charging

Level 7
Hi all

I am experiencing a problem since past 2 days with my G75 VW laptop.
so first some information:-
i have connected my laptop to my tv using the hdmi cable and use logitech wireless mouse and keyboard to play. the laptop is connected to ac power. since last 2 days i have been having a new trouble. once the charging led turns green from orange, the laptop starts to frequently switch between Plugged in and battery. the green led goes off when it switches to battery. the switch is not periodic. its very frequent, every 2 secs sometimes sometimes every 5 seconds. when it goes to battery mode, of course the game becomes very laggy. i am playing battlefield 4.
i tried this. discharged the laptop to 15 percent and then charged. till its charging and orange led is on , no problem comes. once the green led comes on, this starts. in the system try on the battery indicator it says "97 percent , not charging".
i tried removing battery and pressing power button for 30 secs to remove any residual charge and then put the battery again. it didnt give the mesage immediately, but after playing for about 20 min then again same thing, switching started.
i would appreciate if some could help regarding this issue please?

Level 7
It sounds like you've done pretty much everything you can do on the hardware side of things, but it's a little difficult to say exactly what the cause of the problem might be.

Where do you have your laptop plugged into? Is it straight into a power socket or going through an extension/4-bar socket? If it's in an extension socket try plugging straight to the wall socket and see if that makes any difference? The other things you could try are a little trickier, such as reinstalling Windows, etc.

It could well be a hardware issue too, of course - so you might need to RMA it in the end.
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