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My i9-7960X temps seems high after delidding

Level 7
Hi guys,

I just want to know if my delid temps are normal or not because after delidding, everytime I run cinebench R15 I noticed that some of the core are hitting 82-93C while some of the core are only hitting around 74-80C. I used Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut between the CPU Die and IHS while Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut between the IHS and Monoblock. I don't know if everything is normal so I just need some suggestions from you guys 🙂 Thanks

BTW here are my PC Specs
Case: Corsair 900D
CPU: i9-7960X @4.7GHZ
Motherboard: Rampage Vi Extreme
GPU: 3 X Titan Xp
Ram: Corsair Vengeance RGB @3466MHZ 16-18-18-36-2T (XMP On but I increased the frequency to 3733MHZ without adjusting the timings)
PSU: EVGA 1600W P2
Cooling: I got custom loop with a 2X480mm rad, 1X240mm rad and 1X120mm rad
Pump: Koolance PMP-600 D5 pump
Fans: Corsair Magnetic Levitation Fan color blue

Here are my Overclock Settings
Cpu Frequency: 4.7GHZ
Cpu Core Voltage: 1.240V
Cpu Cache: 3GHZ
Cpu Cache Voltage: 1.170
Both AVX negative Offset are set to: 2
CPU Input Voltage: 1.950V
Cpu Load line calibration: Level 4
CPU Current Capability: 200%
VRM Spread Spectrum: Disabled
Cpu power Duty Control: Extreme
Cpu power Phase control: Extreme

I have 7980xe no delid, custom loop running 4.7 at 1.17volts. If you offset each core negative, you could possibly hit 4.7 with lower voltage. Also cinebench seems connected to avx in my testing, so try offsetting avx functions higher. Or set your llc lower.

Also I have the same motherboard. Try setting avx offset to 5 and 7 with LLC set to 1. Run your test and you should see a massive difference. Then fine tune from there. Most delid chips I see people talk about, hit 4.8 to 5.1ghz. I found offsetting each core (although a pain) got me much better temps than making all cores same frequency. My cpu current is set to 140% if that helps.

Level 7
Problem is those temps could actually be decent compared to what they will have been on a non delidded cpu but if the OP didn't get a result for the temps pre delid technically you have nothing to compare against. If you know what I mean.