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My G74SX (91310Z) Overclocking (Temperatures)

Level 9
Hello eveyone. It's 3 days now since I get my G74SX (91310Z). I know this is pretty powerfull laptop but I want to make him stronger than is. I have done some tweaking and cleaning. Now it is pretty faster. But I want to get more FPS in games when playing at high details.
So I overclocked my GPU to these numbers: CORE/MEMORY/SHADER ll 900/1625/1800. I was testing these values in GTA IV and Crysis 2 (+6 FPS than with stock values) and my GPU temperature after circa 30 minutes in both games was from 75 to 78 °C.
So I turned values back to stock because I'm scared that it can damage this expensive laptop. Everything is fine, driver is not crashing, no weird graphic issues, etc.

Playing with factory values (775/1250/1800), GPU temperature is still holding 71 °C which is I think still too much.
I was watching videos and saw some forums and most of people had average 60 °C.

Simply I just want to ask if that factory temperature is normal and if these temperatures after OC can really damage my laptop.

And I'm looking for some tips/tricks for G74SX too. 🙂

Thanks for responds!