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Motherboard and/or NIC issue?

Level 7
Hi All,

I have been having some instability of my system with various symptoms showing up; 'stuttering' in gaming, odd/random shutdowns and the latest symptom (the reason for this post) the NIC can't seem to transfer data above 11MB/s (100Mbps).

Sabertooth FX990 R2.0 with FX-9590
XFX AMD R9-280
16GB G.Skill mem
SSD, HDD and memdisk for testing
BIOS was updated recently.

My test setup has 3 machines + NAS on the same switch.
1. System 1 (above) transfers data at 5-11MB/s (50-100Mbps)
2. System 2 (old Vista clunker) transfers data near ~95MB/s (~1Gbps)
3. System 3 (old Linux clunker) transfers data near ~95MB/s (~1Gbps)

I have tested the SSD, HDD and Virtual Disk and all have the appropriate internal disk transfer rates so it does not appear to be a disk related issue.

I have tested System 1 (above) under both Windows and a Linux LiveCD and both have a transfer rate of 5-11MB/s. Therefore, I don't believe it is a driver issue.

Since the NIC is onboard the Sabertooth FX990, is it safe to assume this is a Motherboard issue or could it be something else like a faulty chip?

Jordan H.