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Menthol - I see you playing - R6-Apex & 7980XE

Level 13
Any input for us rookies 🙂

What do you think about the performance? - What kind of clocks per. volts are you seeing.


Level 14
meankeys my friend you are anything but a rookie, clocks and clocks per volt depends what your doing or benching, 4.5 at 1.25v, 4.9 for 3D benching at 1.28v, non delidded. I haven't tested stability except to get through a bench run as my plan is to turn around and sell the chip, and the Titan V asap
Obviously I am keeping the R6A, what a sweet board, the X Apex and a 8700K is a real performer

Merry Christmas to you and your family and a happy and prosperous new year

Level 13
So you think the 8700K over the 7744. I have a 7744 and it did quite well. I will be getting 8700 soon. My 7920x is pretty good as well and not sure it I will get a 7980XE

Have a safe and happy holiday to you and yours