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Maximus XI Gene - 9900K - B-Die Brainstorming

Level 7

I was unable to find stability around 4000/4133 with allot of tinkering, even RAJ profile was unstable at up to 1.8v.

Tried for days to find a sweet spot to boot the RAM without the MEMOK Toggle now I just leave it on. I will figure out a lower VCCIO and SA when I gain some patience.

Tried it again today, and now its booting and benching at 4400 - 17:17:17:36:C2@1.6v, I was able to boot with 16:16:16:36:C2 but did not get past OS.

I did not test it yet with my manual CPU overclock 5.2@1.38v on all cores. Max temp 86 degrees after 8 hours of Realbench. I will consider using AI Overclock but I am having BSODs due to AI under volting even at 4.9/5 with everything auto including mem. New BIOS Soon?

My question is, what to tinker to tighten up and apply manual secondary timings? I am not that good with memory overclocking, any help appreciated.

Also the Gene has a toggle switch for the MEMOK, I am just leaving it on as every few restarts it wants to renegotiate the VCCIO and SA which I just set back to Auto and restart. Let me know the best practice for this.

Cheers! Feel free to comment on your own experiences.


Super Moderator

Given you're not able to POST successfully all the time, stability is probably still conditional which means there won't be a lot of wiggle room for timing adjustment. You may well be better off sacrificing frequency and seeing if you can dial in 4200MHz at 1T, then work on lowering tFAW, tWCL, tRFC, tRRD firstly.
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