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Maximus xi formula I5 9600k overclocking help! Anything over default not stable

Level 8
I am new to asus and newer system overclocking. I am familiar with the terms from the older gigbyte x58 platform as its a very satisfying chip to overclock.

System is
Maximus XI Formula
850 watt gold psu
32gb 2666mhz ram
gtx 1070
nvme boot drive

Cooling is a very simple loop including the VRAM. 360mm rad with 6 fans in push pull. Temps are hard to tell as the different softwares give out different readings. Not over 85c(75avg) at 5.2ghz, cooler score between 178-198 in bios depending on room temp. Not over 60c(50avg) at default speeds.
Cooling loop
Ekwb cpu block
Ali copper 360mm rad
Ali resivour
Cheap uxcell aliexpress pump
Cheap xspc barbed fittings \
Ekwb 3/8 tubing

I do have a 240 aio but it does not cool the vram so I went with a custom loop. All in all it has more than enough flow and is plenty cool.

I am not familar with asus bios nore how to overclock on newer systems. Every time I set it to 5.0ghz I start getting prime95 hardware failures. So far I have tried the AI tuner and the preset 5.0 and 5.2 settings but neither are stable.

Is there a video or thread explaining the different bios settings and what settings are connected to others. like core voltage and cpu pll. That is just an example.

I would like to run at or over 5.0ghz. This chip is not very hot so I want to push it. I do game a little on my 49" super ultra wide. Not a gamer but this thing is really awesome so now I do enjoy gaming more. mostly I do video editing, so it has to be stable and not have hardware failures nore rounding errors in prime 95.

Any first hand help, advice or links to other threads would be great as I found nothing with a search on "9600k" in the forum search tools. There was also nothing on this series board or the z390 in the stickies.

I do plan to upgrade to a 9900k now that my editing system is slowly going out of date. So long apple! But until I pull the trigger on the new 9900k I want to learn to manually OCing these newer chips on a less expensive chip.

Thanks again!

Super Moderator
What other settings are you changing besides the multiplier?

Set Adaptive Mode for Vcore and set between 1.25 - 1.3v in the Additional Turbo Voltage field.
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

I will have to take a look at and record all the bios settings for the 5.2ghz presets after work. Thanks for the response!

I think i have it figured out. The predicted cpu voltage for 5.1ghz was 1.415v and setting the cpu voltage there would result in 1.38-1.39 volts under load at level 6 load line calibration. So I had to upp the load line calibration to 7 and increase the cpu core voltage to 1.455v. Now under full load it does not go below 1.4120v under full load.
After 1 hour on prime 95 it got really hot a few times and one core ran up to 95c with an average across all cores of 85c. AIDA64 ran for 1 hour with a max temp of 70c and an average of 60c.

No more crashes, no more throttling, no more hardware failures and no more rounding errors.

These are the settings I changed after restoring to optimized defaults.
Extreme tweaker screen
-XMP 1
-AVX offset 3 or 4
-sinc all cores at 5.1ghz

In the external digi power control screen
-Load line calibration 7
-CPU current capability 170%
In the CPU power management screen
Long duration package power limit 4095 maxed out
Package power time window 127 maxed out
Short duration package power limit 4095 maxed out

Extreme tweaker screen again
-CPU core cache current limit max 255.75 maxed out
-min cpu cache ratio 43
-max cpu cache ratio 43
-CPU core voltage override 1.455v