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Maximus XI Extreme - 9900K Overclock Query..

Level 11
Hey guys ....just got my system up and running (on a bench) to ensure everything working right prior to moving into my 900D amd adding the Custom Loop.
I have a cheap Air Cooler on the 9900K right now and have been playing round a tad with the Overclocking settings on this Board (having come from Rampage IV E and 3930K - which has been OC's to 4.8 Ghz since 2013).

I have Flashed to latest (2nd BIOS ...I believe its 0602)
I have enabled XMP 1 to get my Dominator Platinum 2* 16G (32G) Kit to 3200 Mhz and CAS 16 @ 1.36V (other wise defaults to JEDC 2133 Mhz 1.21v)
When I set "Synch All Cores" and Core Ratio (Multiplier) to 48, then Manual Voltage to 1.215V ....a few other settings as well, including disabling Speedstep, then F10 and reboot:
- Still shows Core Ratio x36 with a base speed of 3600 Mhz in upper right corner of Favorite Tab in BIOS (should this not change to what I have set) ?
- When I boot into windows and check CPUZ it indicates 4.8 Ghz

_ Which setting in BIOS will prevent the CPU from downclocking when idle (thought this was Speedstep) but seems I have to have a number of settings disable to prevent this (otherwise Core Ratio (Multiplier) bouncing from x8 - x 48.

- What the difference between setting vCore via Adaptive Mode and Offset Mode ? On my RIV-E and 3930K I used Offset Mode, as I wanted my CPU to downclock and use less Voltage when idle.

I didnt go to crazy overclocking (although tempting) as the Noctua T4 Air Cooler is pretty cheesy (just wanted to ensure I could Post).....eventually this new gear goes into my 900D with 480 * 360 and 240 Rads along with a EK Velocity Nickel CPU Block and 1080Ti SLi with FC EKWB's.

I did try All Cores at 4.8 Ghz but seemed to require a fair bit of vCore to get thru a run of Cinebench, as in 1.225v but thermals approaching 95c ....(crap cooler) and score 2062...

thanks in advance guys for answering my Bob Zone question...been 5 yrs since building my last Monster.
Curious why the Core Ratio and Clock speed always indicate x36 and 3600 Mhz in BIOS after applying changes.


Super Moderator
1) Make sure WIndows Power Plan is set to Balanced

2) With offset the voltage is applied to the entire VID stack, whereas the Adaptive voltage is only applied to turbo ratios, and the stock VID table is used for non turbo ratios.
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 11
Thanks...but Id still like to know why in UEFI / BIOS after I apply Multiplier x 48 and new Voltage....then F10 reboot...straight back to BIOS ...on the Favorite Tab (upper right) under CPU/Memory it sill shows x36 with Clock speed 3.6 Ghz ?
Does this never change in BIOS ? A static number ?


Level 11
BUMP...Maximus XI Extreme BIOS Ver 0602 ..under Hardware Monitor (Right Hand side) "CPU / Memory" (no matter what I set in the BIOS for OC'ing) ....the numbers never change ...they're always "Frequency" 3600 Mhz...x36 Ratio and 100 BCLK ...Voltage I applied does show correctly......should these numbers not change after I save (F10) and reboot into BIOS after applying my OC?
Or is this some glitch with my Board or with BIOS 0602 ?....or is there a setting im missing?

Can someone confirm please?

Super Moderator
The UEFI puts a fractional load on the CPU. The stats are reported in realtime, why is it important that you max out the CPU multiplier in the UEFI?
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Silent Scone@ASUS wrote:
The UEFI puts a fractional load on the CPU. The stats are reported in realtime, why is it important that you max out the CPU multiplier in the UEFI?

I dont understand what your asking and I dont think you understand what Im querying.. when you make changes in UEFI and F10 back to UEFI its nice that the goal Frequency is indicated once back in BIOS.....always that way on my Rampage Extreme Boards.....agreed that it doesnt really matter in BIOS BUT nice to have your OC refelctive at the grass roots level!

.I simply wanted to know why my BIOS doesnt reflect the changes made after I boot back in setting my Core Ratio to x 51 BUT UEFI still indicates Frequency 3600 Mhz (should indicate 5100 Mhz) and Core Ratio still indicates x36 (should indicate x 51).....

Doesn't matter I figured it out.....under CPU Power Management if you disable Intel Speed Shift Technology this will occur in BIOS....

See pics (note the difference under HW Info):
First pic is OC already set up but Intel Speed Shift Tech disabled:

This pic shows same OC with Intel Speed Shift set to "Enabled" (Auto is the same).....