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Maximus X Hero VRM Throttling?

Level 7
I'm trying to dial in an OC on my 8700k, and I'm noticing that in comparison to my strix 370f i'm not pulling anymore wattage than before, I noticed on der8auer's video he was able to pull 210 watts on Prime96 v26.6 at 1.424v, at the same voltage I'm pulling a max of 165, I feel like this is effecting my OC. I matched his settings to a T. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

P.S: bios is up to date, my CPU temps never go above 70c, and before it stopped showing in HWinfo64, my max VRM temp was around 60c, but i'm not sure how accurate it was, I still see the same numbers in Aida64 regarding VRMs.