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Maximus VI Hero: Cant get frequencies to display in CPUZ or RT

Level 7
Hello all,

I am new to the forum so if this has been answered and posted I apologize just simply point me in the direction of the answer.

System Specs:

Maximus VI Hero
Cooler Master V8 GTS
Rip Jaws X 8GB

Anyway, I just recently got my CPU cooler and wanted to start OC. Naturally I went to boards to see what other people were grading at (this website in particular was very good in my initial steps). I first changed my multiplier in my UEFI and didnt touch anything else, I put it to 41 (did not touch voltage at this point it was at auto). It loaded normally and I was able to get into my OS.

However, once I got into my OS I ran RT XS Bench to see my frequencies and it topped out at 34. In fact it never really deviated far from 34. SO I went in and began to change things one at a time, I changed my voltage to 1.2 (which did show in both RT and CPU Z), I turned off turbo, I turned off Speed Step, I manual input my cache, I changed it to Per Core as well as Sync all Cores, etc.

I mean did everything recommended to NO AVAIL! I spend 10 hours yesterday and I feel like I am just missing some simple step in the process and could really use some help.

So why is it that frequencies are stuck at 34 no matter what multiplier I put in?

Thanks in Advance


Chino wrote:
Run ROG Realbench while monitoring your frequency in CPU-Z.

ok downloading it now

edit: I did use XS Bench and prime95

Level 7
Its taking its sweet ol time downloading...

Level 7
Ok I finally got it downloaded. I was getting some bad links to the software..

I am going to run it at stock? And then what do you suggest I do as far as OC?

Level 7
Image Editing 96242 Time: 89.15

Encoding 63189 Time: 189.715

OpenCL 37693 KSamples/sec: 695

Heavy Multitasking 54922 Time: 178.07

System Score 55472

CPU-Z frequency stayed at 3398.1mhz and voltage was jumping between .112 and .996 v

Should I overclock now and what should be my multiplier?

Level 15

Chino wrote:
I have no idea how the V8 GTS performs. Try a 4.4GHz to start off your overclocking journey.

But my issue isnt necessary what or how high my OC is.

My problem is RT, CPU Z, and AI Suite 3 both dont show the OC frequency when I set the multiplier in the Bios (UEFI).


I've been able to put 46 multiplier on I think 1.2 - 125 (which I heard is bad for air cooling haswell) without blue screening.

I blue screened at 47. But when I am able to load up OS at 46 again RT CPUZ and AI Suite 3 only read it as 34 (although if I set the voltage at manual it will read the voltage correct)

I feel like I am missing something simple here. Should the above programs^^^^^^^^^read 44000 if I set the multiplier @ 44?

Level 15

Level 7
Yep, settings are being saved. So I just opened CPUZ and ASUS Suite 3 without opening RT on a hunch.

Well it displayed it correctly! But it just sat at 4400 mhz instead of flucuating from a low frequency to the OC frequency... wth

Then I opened RT and my frequency dropped back to stock 3400 and upon closing RT, it has stayed at stock speed.. BAHHH this is frustrating.