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Maximus VI Formula per core ratio issue

Level 7
Overclocking was going fine, was running all cores at 45 x 100, moved up to 46 x 100 and its almost stable so thought i would try the ratio per core option so set 3 cores to 45 and one core to 46, didn't touch any other setting. Booted up and all monitoring was saying its 39 x 100 now, benchmarks back this up also.

Went back to the BIOS to checked it all and its saying is should be 4700MHz but booted back into Windows and its 3900MHz!

Any ideas whats going on?

4770k, water cooled, nothing to do with throttling.

Level 40
Throttling can come from the VRM too...maybe per core is using more power across the VRM...something I have seen before.

But the numbers don't make sense...46x100 should not give 4700MHz or 3900

Have you disabled multi core enhancement?

Level 40
I would not use that way of OC. Remember per core only works as Turbo mode.

So if you have a single thread application running, and nothing else then you get the single core speed. When two cores are needed the max is the two cores value, and so on until you get to all cores.

I would strongly suggest you continue to fine tune your voltages for the extra frequency you want from your CPU.
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