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Maximus VI formula CPU C states Grayed out in Bios

Level 7
So I have a Maximus VI Formula, with 4770k running windows 8.. When i Installed windows 8, it always showed the CPU running at 800MHZ in task manager..

AIsuite showed right, CPU'z showed right. but I had some performance issues. I couldn't IRON out. I was over clocked to4.4 GHZ. Runningstable and Cool.

I had reset the bios back to Optimized settings. tried to configure again. WhatI had noticed, before, in the BIOS when I went to the information Page, It would always show the CPU SPEED at 800 mhz, which is what the OS was seeing..

I noticed if I turned off intel Speedstep and Turbo Mode. The information page would show 3.5... I ended up flashing the BIOS with the latest version... Suprisingly, Now when Speedstep and Turbo is enabled.. The information page shows properly.

Now when I go under Advanced CPU > CPU Power Management COnfiguration. EIST enabled, Turbo Mode Enabled. CPU C states Enabled.

Most of the Cstates are grayed out.. Before the BIOS flash, All of them could be configured.. I had followed a EPU setup Guide on the ROG site.. Which had me set those and I got great power saving.. The Processor would spin up and run great when needed. But when it was idle, it ran So cool. Like 24 celcius..

So what am I doing wrong? Did the newest BIOS update change something? like only show the ones I need? or should I have access to all of them? SHould I reset it again? reload the bios.. I'm just soo happy, things are running wonderful. For awhile after going from a 3770k, which i had running at 5.2 to a 4770k, which does not over cklock anywhere near as nice.. 3.5 4.0, I can inch out 4.2 and 4.4 but get random restarts playing BF4.. FUnny itll run Prime95for 48 hours. butBF4 crashes, hard reboot.. So I've dialed it back to 4.0

But i need to figure out the C states, why are they grayed out? Should I not worry about it? As long as Enhanced C1 ?

Thanks Justin

Level 40
One quick question how did you flash your bios?
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.