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Maximus VI Extreme AI Suite Problem

Level 7
Hello community, first allow me to say that if this is in the wrong spot I apologize. So I built my new PC (first one) a few days ago and I finally have everything in order so I decided to do an OC on the UEFI from one of the custom profiles. The oc set it to about 4.59ghz and it only raised my temp about 3 C. So I ran metro last night at full load and it raised it to about 45 C. I use a CLC from corsair the h60 and I decided I wanted to drop the oc a bit so I hit the 4 way opt button on the ai suite to 4.2 and it retarted with no display. Its been about 20 minutes now and my pc is running but I have no display. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Level 40
Hi Kaplacy! 🙂

Sorry, this post seems to have escaped attention. I presume you have found your own fix by now.

Did you try clearing Cmos and starting again?

Either way I would avoid the presets and AI suite like the plague....much better and more satisfying to OC yourself through the BIOS. A bit of reading and you'd be amazed what a bit of time and experimentation can'll probably find you can OC for less voltage and with lower temps...

Level 40
What I would suggest is that your clear CMOS and your system should revert. Failing that check your cables and video connectors it may just be that the cable has come loose.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.