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Maximus Extreme O.C. help please!

Level 7
Hello there.

I just bought 2x4gb 1600 ram. My PC can't start with it. I have no idea how to O.C. motherboard to run it 😞 (Maximus Extreme).
I always had 3x1gb 1033 RAM so it's time to power up my PC. Please help me to run it 😞
When i put 1600 RAM, PC turn only black screen, without "BIP" and then freeze. When i put 1033 ram, and then changing options to 1600 it restarts, boot and everything seems to be ok, but it auto change from 1600 to 1033. Please tell me how to run 1600 RAM step by step. 😞 (It's my first time doing this so i have no idea what and where)

Level 40
Hi Irvine 😞

Could you put up exact details of your RAM...kit no. maybe...board, processor....system details in general help.

Should be relatively straightforward to set up... this guide is for the more modern boards but the main options in BIOS should have similar names etc.

Or have you already tried setting XMP?