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Maximum OC when using air cooling, is it possible?

Level 9

I got a 7920x quite interesting copy from the silicon lottery.
Works stable at nominal voltages @ 4.7GHz / 2core and @ 4.5GHz / all cores. DDR4 in XMP mode also works stably 1.35V.
I don't want to use AIO in any form.
That's why I chose the highest Intel model working with the TDP 140W. Nothing stronger can cool the air.
With such settings in the stress test, the processor produces a TDP of 275W and is trottling.
Without the use of water in the computer, I used a rare CPU horizontal cooling among users - Prolimatech Genesis.
I installed two Corsair ML 120 RGB fans. (400-1500rpm)
This works much better than Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro TF (TDP 225W) or Dark Rock Pro 4 (TDP 250W).
I have Be Quiet! at home and I compared. Theoretically, my cooling also works around 250W TDP or better at the moment.
The temperature charts show trottling.
Two questions arise ...
1. Will replacing the fans with 2x140mm (ML 140 RGB) help in this situation?
Corsair ml 120 - 47.3 CFM -> Corsair ml 140 - 55.4 CFM
(17% difference in airflow)
2. Will the potential scalp help, assuming it will lower the temperature around 12-15 ° C?
The goal is to eliminate trottling.
As I wrote, there will be no water.
Is it worth replacing the fans and making a scalp of the processor, or is better damage to the nerves?
Please, comment, who tried to follow this path.
(Not necessarily with the Asus Encore motherboard)
Blessed are those who have not seen ... And now they see.

Level 9
I answer the first question myself. I've made improvements. Replacement of 120 -> 140mm fans reduces temperatures: at rest 36 ° -> 27 °, under load 92 ° -> 87 ° (Prosesor default settings, Memory XMP mode) Unfortunately, possible for the processor OC @ 4.7GHz causes trotlling. (And temperature increase in stress test to 97 ° C). There is only minimal improvement. There is no point in scalping the processor unnecessarily if it doesn't scalping work. Reviews provide information that Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, or Noctua D15 matches like as AIO 240mm ... In practice, it looks like poorly stuff to me ... The question remains whether scalp will help in this case ... Does anyone have observations on the effects of scalping in a similar case?
Blessed are those who have not seen ... And now they see.

Level 7
Well, you can lap the IHC or get a copper(would be lapped) one that should help and then go Noctua dual 140MM on air. The ML fans are great but not the best for rads or tower fins if you want to most out of them use them as intake fans for the case and go like Noctua 140mm black for fans.