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Low RAIDR Express internal transfer rate

Level 7
Hello all,

Just in the hope to get my system tweaked with your advice.
I'm getting something very weird in my system.
When I start to copy a file (mkv file around 15GB) from my RAIDR Express to my Corsair SSD Force 3 I get around 600MB/s on initial transfer rate then after a few seconds it decreases until stabilize at 135MB/s.
The same happens when I start to copy the same file to a Seagate HDD Sata 2, but the initial transfer rate is around 300MB/s.
My system specs are as follows:

i7 4770K over to 4.4MHz, vcore 1.25v
Maximus VI Extreme
32GB corsair vengeance 1866MHz over to 2133MHz, vdram 1.63v
240GB SSD RAIDR Express
240GB SSD Corsair Force 3
500GB HDD Seagate Sata 2
GTX 780 OC2
Phoebus Xonar 7.1
Windows 8.1 Pro Media Center

The drivers are all up to date, as I am aware, because I had to download from the vendor site to finish the Win 8.1 instalation.

Anyone have a clue on how to get better internal transfer speed?

Thanks !!!!