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Looking for a non LN2 guide for the Rampage VI Apex 299 Board. Please Help

Level 7
I have been in and out of this forum for a few years now. My biggest surprise is the change in the lay out. There use to be a mother board section and it was monitored by a few Moderators and it was broken down by motherboard which was very helpful. Now its more like close your eyes and holler ####. Any way I went to the overclocking and tweaking and I find the X299 boards but the Guides are all for LN2, I think that is great but I am missing fingers cant hear well any more and my eye sight sucks have had three back surgery been shoot and survived a 31 year Naval career to end up getting out thinking it was all over and had 12 heart attacks but the good load wants me to kill skinnies on my computer so I build the as fast as I can. I lay down on the floor in my shop get them looking and good water cooled and running real good. But Asus always throws me a curve ball the change the Bios and it becomes a whole new ball came.

I have the ROG Rampage VI APEX MB, my CPU is a X9 7900X, 32 Gig of Gskill DDR4 3600 ram, 2 EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Gaming Elite Edition Video cards, M.2 Samsung 960 EVO 500 GB SSD (not sure if I have the Bios set up right there the book sucks) Samsung 950 Pro 512, and 950 EVO 500 SSD's. two WD 2 TB Blacks in raid 1 for back ups. EVGA 1200 Platinum power supply for what see here and a EVGA 500 running all water cooling pumps and system Fans, the water pumps are monitored by the main board and connected to my OC Panel.

Is there any one out there that can help me with shutting the auto over clock off that is just all whacked out, and help me with getting this thing to 4.5and the ram at 3600 please.
Thank you in advance
Asus Rampage VI Apex, Intel X9 7900X, Gskill 3600, EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SLI, 4 SSD, 1 M.2 SSD

Level 13
While there isn't a guide specific to X299, read up on these two, which share a lot of similarities. The methodology is the same: