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LLC Levels Not working as they should (Please Help)

Level 9
Hi guys i have been at this for 4 days, i was able to pick up a intel i7 9700k for a good price from amazon, I installed it on my z390 e asus mobo. The issue is when i select level 6 llc it does nothing, my bios states i need 1.290v for a 4.9ghzt OC. So soon as i add that voltage in my bios VCORE and restart my pc and run a prime 95 stress test the voltage is around 1.33v and fluctuates to 1.34v, Now i know LLC is designed to combat VDROOP which is why the VOLTAGE is higher in this instance. But I was under the impression LLC trys and keeps the VOLTAGE as close as possible to vcore and this is no where near, infact its way higher, But soon as i reduce the VCORE in the bios even as low as 1.10v with LEVEL 6 LLC, I re run a prime 95 stress test, the voltage is exaclty the same at 1.33v and flucutates to 1.34v. If i increase the VCORE in bios from 1.290v to 1.32v it is then the LEVEL 6 LLC increases the voltage from 1.34v to around 1.400v and onwards, But anything other then the values of 1.190, 1.100, 1.290, 1.300, 1,305 or anything within this spectrum LLC LEVEL 6 does nothing and keeps the voltage at 1.33v and fluctutates to 1.34v every time. Its only when I increase the VCORE higher then 1.32v the LLC changes voltage. I believe this is not correct, am i missing somthing here. The average OC voltage for 4.9ghzt is 1.30v/1.290V to 1.310v/1.320. On level 5 llc i have to add 1.312v to the vcoree to gain a 1.296v on FULL load but idle is around 1.32v. This issue was on the z390 boards on the very first bios implimentation and ASUS released a bios update, I did update my bios as i didnt have this issus before. Any help would be greatful. Or any Asus member that can take a look and test this for them selfs. Spent 4 days stress testinga nd playing with voltages and watching tons of videos only to get no where, Thank u.

Level 10
have you tried LLC on Auto and repeated the Vcore voltages to see what the difference is between LLC6 and Auto? That's about all I can think of at this point.