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Little help with tracking down or fixing my blue screen?

Level 7
So a few windows version updates to installer builds, a few image restores, a ton of driver changes.... all in an attempt to resolve this and no fix.

The only thing changed recently was swapping my 1080s for a single 1080ti, and updating the bios to 1602 (maximus x formula)

I built this pc around January. Its been 24hr prime avx stable, and everything else stable. Never even saw a crash until now. I ran memtest for the overnight 4 passes. All was well. Ran a few hours of realbench, all was still well. Yet I seem to get random blue screens a few times a day now, doing almost nothing. Even at the desktop mucking around.

Usually memory related page fault/irq less or equal/bad pool caller/header - type stuff. Ive got a few dpc watchdog errors as well.

Now i have dumps, but im beginning to think whatever they changed in the most recent bios, simply made my overclock unstable. As hard as it is to believe they could skew it in any given direction THAT much, its the most likely candidate.

Soooooooo before i roll back to an older bios which id prefer not to do - what would be the go to voltage to start working with? Its going to be tedious and long considering the blue screens are fairly rare and completely random. Days at best. Just trying to make it as short a span as possible by starting with the most likely denominator.

Cpu vcore? Dram voltage? system agent?

I hate that i have to increase the voltage at all but the new bios supposedly "increases performance" and adds support for 8th gen cpus which i can only assume will be the 8 core coffee lake. Might as well have it on there in case i decide to upgrade in the near future.

Theres also the small chance its software related i guess right? Even driver related still, I did change them all but who knows. Its getting above my pay grade. I uploaded some dumps to one of those online analyzer's but it didnt give me anything productive, at least that i coudl discern.

Anyone else notice anything needing more voltage after 1602? If so what? Anyone in a similar situation due to it? fix it? If no to the aforementioned, what would you start with?

Thanks for the time and help gents!

Level 7
preliminarily doesnt seem to be a voltage issue. turns out it was some kind of driver issue that compounded things by causing a bluescreen which caused corruption. ended up needing to clean out drivers to base microsoft drivers then install the newest drivers which were the same ones installed before.

go figure.

thats the worst. Disabling write caching would probably have avoided much of this but that comes at such a performance penalty, its hardly worth it if you rarely blue screen. (and i hadnt in 6 months).

teach ya to use bleeding edge drivers from station drivers though 😛