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LG Bluetooth headset paired but not connected

Level 7
I have a ROG G750JM and just bought a pair of LG HBS 900 Bluetooth earphones. I have updated the BT drivers and looked everywhere for a solution but for some reason they will pair but NOT connect. Can you help me, I am OCD about cords and wires and will not like having to spend a ton of money on new earphones because I cut another pair in half.

Level 10
Hey intensivevirus,

It's likely incorrectly installed, I had that happen with my bluetooth headset which said it was paired but it was the incorrect device. Try removing the device and try installing again. For my headset I had two detection modes, one where it just flashes blue and the other one flashes red and blue. For first time pairing it has to be in the pairing mode when it's flashing red and blue. When I tried installing it when it was just flashing blue, the device was installed but it appeared to install something different and wasn't working.

Anyways hope this helps you.


uninstalled the headset three times but still nothing. I can see it properly installed but it still wont connect.