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LED Matte Screen - Unusually dim? (Asus G55JM)

Level 7

I do hope this is the right place to post this, if not - please do correct me!

I recently purchased and just received the ROG Asus G551JM (*forgot the '1' in the thread title), FullHD LED Matte screen. However, once getting the Windows installed, I noticed that the screen is unusually dim even on the 100% brightness setting.

While I received the laptop with Free DOS, and did the Windows 8.1 installing myself, I immediately also downloaded the drivers for this particular laptop model from the Asus site, as well as update graphic drivers for both integrated graphics and NVIDIA. I also checked the battery plans which all have brightness set to 100%, the adaptive brightness is turned off, and neither of the Asus Splendid Utility modes changes anything.

Again, I am able to change the brightness setting up and down, so the common problem of function buttons not working is not the case here. It's only that 100% is not nearly as bright as with any other devices I am used to.

I guess what my question is - is the slightly dimmer screen a general Matte screen characteristic (to the point where the color white gives out a bit of a grey/yellow-ish vibe), or could this be a hardware problem of some sort at all? OR, could it have something to do with the Windows 8.1 vs. Windows 8.0 (in which case this should go to the software section, I suppose)?

Thank you in advance for your responses!